The Eagles “Take it Easy”

Between New Years, birthday, and holidays, I have been lazing off a lot. I have only been to work about four to five days this month. It has been awesome, but there was always room for the common animosities between co-workers, and I got my share of letdowns. Today was my official “back to work” day, since I won’t be getting a vacation in a while. Even though is a Saturday, is actually my Monday since I start my week. Yep! It sucks. While many are enjoying their weekend, I’m going back to work from my weekend (Thurs/Fri)

Today was not an easy day for me. I won’t get into details (yeah, the juicy stuff will be left out this time) I will just say the whole issue started because of music and I will end it (unofficially) here, with music.ย  I was very stressed out and The Eagles have brighten what is left of my day! Yay! And it has made me see,ย  that even when defending good music has put me in an awkward situation, I can’t regret it. This is for the ones that think rock is not music…

The Eagles;ย  “Take it Easy”

Oh, no! I found this in the comments left on the video. It is so true, I couldn’t have said it better myself (I don’t know who came up with this originally, but the commentator is vitty crk. Please know that I am not trying to take any credits for other people’s words):

“you say lady gaga, i say Led Zeppelin

you say hannah montana, i say AC\DC

you say owl city, i say Deep Purple

you say jonas brothers, i say The Rolling Stones

you say justin bieber, i say The Beatles

you say taylor swift, i say guns & roses.

95% of teens these days listen to the same crappy pop songs over and over. if your one of the 5% left who still listen to real music, thunb this up, then copy and paste it to At least 5 video’s.”

If you actually do copy and paste to other 5 videos, I would love to know which videos… for me, it would be any video from Luna Sea; Rolling Stones; The Eagles; The Police; REM (there is nothing particular about the order)


9 thoughts on “The Eagles “Take it Easy”

  1. The fact that The Eagles made your day brings you closer to me. This group seems to always bring peace to my soul..”Don’t let the sound od your own wheels drive you crazy”
    You’re a strong woman..

    I love you..
    tu titi..

    • Thank you titi. I love this song, although my favorite is “Desperado”, remember I made you listen to it like crazy the last time I was in Jersey?
      ๐Ÿ™‚ I love you too.

  2. My fave Eagles song is Hotel California, just one of those classic songs you never get tired of, no matter how many times you hear it.

    Sorry to hear you’re back at work. Getting back onto a routine is a pain in the arse.

    Agree with those youtube comments, the latest bunch of talentless pop wannabes need to be locked in a room forever, particularly Lady Caca (love whomever came up with that nickname, it is very fitting lol)

    • Mi amiga, thanks for your comment.
      Yes “Hotel California” is a classic, and a wonderful song. This time around I have to go with “Desperado” though, hehe.
      Work is a pain in the you know where. Artists need time to muse, and wonder about… nah I’m just being melodramatic. ๐Ÿ™‚

      “Lady Caca” Awesome!!!! Haha. Also this one might be funny but a little more vulgar “Lady Caga” (I can’t stop laughing)

  3. Oh lol about Lady Caga…hee hee hee

    Desperado is a great song as well. By the way, I agree with you about work being the place for an artist to muse and wonder about I don’t think you’re being melodramatic at all ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. LOVE. THIS. SONG. I absolutely love “Take It Easy”, “Hotel California”, and “Desperado” but I’d have to say my all-time favorite is “Witchy Woman”. As a matter of fact, I’m gonna go listen to it now ๐Ÿ™‚

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