My Sad Night — Yet Another Excuse

Not really, but as I often do, I have come here tonight to over-read some of the posts I had written in the past year’s and I feel like I’m such a let down to my own blog. Jeez… I promise this and that, and in reality I’m making that promise to myself yet I don’t stick with it.

If there is one thing I have learned throughout the years is that I cannot say I will do something because I end up doing the opposite… yet I keep on saying I will do something. I’m determined, I just don’t use that for the right things.

Tonight I felt lonely, sad, and a bit disappointed with people overall; I asked myself this question: Either I don’t know how to pick friends, or I am a total nuts… and sadly but funny at the same time most friends that would read this would agree with the latter :p

My problem is with the cyber world, ALWAYS. Gladly my life outside this mess we call NET is not crappy. In reality that should matter the most right? So why do I keep insisting in doing things that have proven again and again to not go with my character… I guess I have to stick to using my computer for writing, emails, gaming, and of course watching dramas.

Oh! Drama world why did I ever discovered you?? Ha, ha.