Best Time of My Life!

Back in 1990, I was just a child; I had no idea of where I would be standing now. But of course, nobody ever knows that! Every Saturday, the music that use to sound and blast through the windows of that big modern house just around the corner from my tiny bit of home, in where we would be dancing and checking the new hot guy, was hysterical; passionate; crazy; cool ROCK.

We would move our heads up and down in frenzy, often competing whom would last longer without getting a headache. We thought we were as cool as Malmsteen; Coverdale; Bon Jovi; Joey Tempest –oh man, there is just too many to mention- in reality all we were doing was infesting each other with lice. My mom did not know what else to do with my hair. I remember she used to say my blood was like wine for those evil suckers… mind you, I’m cure now. As soon as I came to America I was free, it was like they new the game was over… first-world was too scary for a bunch of third-world little seed-looking vampires.

Laura Pausini (an Italian singer) was one of the favorites back then, although her music was more pop and she is not exactly from the same time as all those 80s rock bands. On the American side there was Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, and my favorite from that time, Guns and Roses.

Looking back now, I had fun in my childhood, it was the best time of my life. I can’t let the ignorance of others get to me. But for the sake of my pride (which is heavy) and just to really mess with “those” people, I will keep posting just rock this month, or what’s left of it. 😉

Here is “Sweet Child O’ Mine” my favorite Guns and Roses song.


4 thoughts on “Best Time of My Life!

  1. What an awesome song. Man, I wasn’t even born in 1990, I feel like such a kid right now. On top of that, I was barely aware of the awesomeness of any kind of music during my childhood. I feel the sudden urge to do some musical time-traveling.

    • “Man, I wasn’t even born in 1990” You feel like such a kid???? Damn, I feel like such an old maid, we are neither!!! Let that be clear.
      On the other hand, you could be a kid, I don’t know, but I think you are very mature from what I can tell, also you have a lot of culture in you for such a young age. Maybe you’ll be more cultured at my age, than I am.
      But, yes! Sweet Child O’ Mine is a great song. Thanks for the comment my friend.

      • Yeah, that came out a little rough on both of us. You’re not old by any stretch of anyone’s imagination. I think *you* are very mature for your age as well. There’s a lot of people around me who are in there late 20’s-early 30’s, who are complete idiots or just flat out bums with no prospects. You are the exact opposite, and I really respect you for that. You are incredibly intelligent, funny, and a general pleasure to speak to and learn from. (and I’m *sappy* 🙂 )

        As for myself, my 19th birthday just passed and yet I still can’t step out of that childhood shadow in my house, which isn’t all that surprising but still not amusing anymore. That being said, I’m glad you find me to be mature and cultured. I think being around you has really helped that, so yeah, I really look forward to expanding my knowledge through what you share.

        PS: I haven’t forgotten about my stake in this blog, I have an article in the works, it’s just been on the backburner due to overall school hecticness.

      • Well, thank you for that. Is nice to have friends tell you things like that once in a while. It gives you encouragement. I appreciate it. As for your role in this Blog, like I said, I want you to have fun doing it, not stress out. Take your time, I know school is a pain, but a necessary one.
        Looking forward to reading your next article 🙂

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