Oz in Ink

What is the worst enemy of an enthusiastic mind? A procrastinator. Yep, that is me, a full-proud-to-say-it procrastinator. There is nothing great about it, I’m just too self centered to let it worry me… maybe I really do worry about it, much more than I think. Nevertheless this is not the reason for why I’m here this lovely afternoon. I wish to share my latest drawing, although not the official first drawing of the year (that one is sort of a private matter… a secret between two) but it is my first attempt of Oz in ink.

I decided to draw Oz this time with ink only. I wanted to try my skills beyond the pencil. I don’t think is good, in fact, I believe it needs lots of work. However, I do enjoy looking at it. The feeling it gives me is exactly what I wanted from it; A mixture of loneliness and automaton beauty. Although the story has nothing of androids in it, I still like the science fiction look. I do well with drapery still life, but I don’t do well when it comes to incorporating it to a body. Ink is hard to master… (SIGH)

Interesting bit of information: Drapery is a word derived from the Latin Drappus. I have been learning the English language for fourteen years now, I’m never bore of it. There are so many words derived from Latin. I wonder how and when languages decided to mix and part, if we all come from one place. I know that is called EVOLUTION, however, I think it hold so many mysteries and that is what’s so wonderful about it.


10 thoughts on “Oz in Ink

  1. wow,
    it seems really somebody is learning few words every day..

    Wise men say that you should not postpone until tomorrow the things you can do today.

    And these men are always right.

    But somehow, procrastination is such a powerful negative source to reckon with.

    Don’t let procrastination take the most out of you!

    You’ve got to learn how to create a schedule and stick to it consistently!

    Procrastination is probably the most unproductive habit that many people possess. Its force is so immense that it can hinder individuals from being successful in their work, career, and life in general.’
    but its cool , too just think.
    c ya

  2. Laura, that is really good. I love his sad expression. I think you did really well. About the English language, it adopted many words from different countries, many from Latin, but also Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, German and French. There’s a great book by Bill Bryson, called The Mother Tongue. I read it many years ago, and it was a great read.

    Oh yes, that other drawing you did earlier in the year, ah, that sure is a nice secret 😉

    • I wasn’t able to go to the book store the other day. By the time I had finished writing emails it was past 11pm. I have to wait until Thursday to go, but now I have three books to look for. Maybe I’ll check it out on Amazon. I bet I can find nice deals there.
      As always, thanks for the comment my friend!

      • Meant to say that I love the new look for the blog. Looks awesome and the boy on the header pic has got great eyes…(I know he’s from one of the animes you’ve talked about, but my head cannot recall the name right now)

      • His name is Spike, from Cowboy Bebop, the anime that changed everything 🙂
        The new look is awesome, I know. Is it okay if I say so myself? Haha. I’m loving it. I think that it fits better with the new changes. Glad you think so too my friend. We’ll be in touch. 🙂

  3. That is just… that’s just badass. The expression is very interesting and I think the darkness of the ink really helps accentuate that. All in all, it’s yet another fantastic drawing. Keep up the great work

  4. I am not an artist, and couldn’t tell you what is “good” or not. (In the technical sense.) Which leaves me, like much of the world, judging the art by the emotion it evokes. This drawing of OZ absolutely brought forth isolation, and a kind of sadness. You do feel that he is “draped” in gloom. I think it’s terrific Laura!

    • WOW I love the “draped in gloom” comment. It sounds like a title to me haha… well to give you a hint of what bothers me, the drapery part looks kind stiff for a drapery. It should be a little lose around the middle, where is not touching the skin. And its not giving the feeling of it at all, at least not to me.

      When you start drawing, and you do it for many years. There is one thing that comes automatically to you, like intuition. That is photographic memory, and I don’t know if I’m describing this feeling correctly, maybe photographic memory is not the right way to describe it. But as an artist you tend to look at things and sort of save that image in your head for ever, then when drawing you will know what comes out wrong. It doesn’t mean you will be successful at drawing the image in your head, but it means that you will be able to tell the difference, in detail. That is my point. Reason why they say artist are never satisfied with their work, because they know what they are missing or what they have done different.

      Thank you for your comment, and “Draped in Gloom” is lovely.

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