Once In A Blue Moon

I have come across yet another jewel. With Love, a Japanese drama that aired in 1998, written by Ban Kazuhiko, and which music has touched my heart deeply.

The story of With Love, is about a composer, Takashi, who lives his life not expecting much from anyone after being abandoned by his love. He is unable to ever write a love song again, as he cannot experience being in love once more. Accidentally, he sends (under the pen name Hata) one of his unfinished compositions to Amane, a young bank worker who wishes to experience falling in love.

Amane is touched by Takashi’s music, and replies to him, but he never answers. Despite his obvious indifference, Amane continues to email Takashi, sharing her deepest thoughts with the stranger “Mister Hata”. However, she never gets a reply from him. One day, Amane realizes she has been imposing on Mister Hata, and emails him for the fourth time apologizing and telling him she won’t be writing again, for the first time she signs with a name, but uses a pen name as well, “Teru teru bozu”. It is only then when Amane gets a reply from Mister Hata, the email he sends her reads: Who are you? Because a “Teru teru bozu” was the parting gift his long-lost love had left Takashi.

And so, the love story between Mister Hata and Teruterubozu begins.

I have learned wonderful things from this beautiful story of love.

Sometimes I wondered each day as if I had finally figured out the answer of love. That the heart is forever changing, yet we are in control and must try everything in our power to hold to what we cherish; to make that which we desire ours by caring, trusting, and ultimately understanding it; setting roots, letting it grow, and harvesting. The road is arduous, and even I (someone as persistent as I claim to be) get tired.

Now I understand those who cannot be tied down. The ones who love so passionately as soon as they meet; and whose love ends as passionately as it starts. Those might not keep one love forever, but continuously love fervently each time they meet one love. Yet, is lonely to live that way. Because, as Mister Hata said in the story: “no matter how many nights you spend talking to each other, no matter how many times you physically join to the point of melting, you will never understand each other. The reason why we didn’t understand each other, was because we were physically joined.”

Once in a Blue Moon, is a phrase that means “very rarely”. In the story the meaning of the phrase, I interpreted as “destiny”. Takashi explained to Amane that a full moon even if it meant mysterious events would occur, it was not a mysterious night. Perhaps he meant to say “once in a blue moon” does not have to be necessary so. To find a special love, it is rare, like “once in a blue moon” but once you find it, it is always with you. Mister Hata and Teruterubozu, both shared a blue moon, as Takashi and Amane. They both were forever bound by destiny, and even if they were not together (temporarily) their love unites them by heart. Lovely.

Like the couple in the story, I wish to be bound by heart instead of by the idea of love. I want to have someone next to me always, even if the road is arduous. I will stop to talk, I will join by heart and mind, and reach an understanding.

“Once In A Blue Moon” the OST from With Love

This is a letter I wrote inspired by the melody of “Once in a Blue Moon”

To Brown Eyes:

In those days, I was innocent and, like most girls my age, just wanted to experience being in love.

I did not know I would come to earnestly cherish you in my heart.

I was deceived by the idea of it.

Life on my end is well. I have someone to love and share forever with. Do you?

I wish to tell you, it was neither your fault, nor mine.

The Blue Moon was not for us. Yet, I will always remember you.

With Love,

The girl from long ago.