Brainstorming and Slander

Last year, I told someone on an email that the Millennium series (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played With Fire, The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest) did to contemporary literature what Inception did to films that year. It changed everything. Well… almost everything! I don’t want to sound like a hysterical fan… that person never wrote back to me.

This month I was browsing trough my small collection, wondering what to read and caught my eyes staring at the cover of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (my favorite of the three) I read it in two days. 🙂 Yes! Again.

In my previous post, where I wrote about Steig Larsson and how incredible he was as a writer, and now he is no longer with us… it is a terrible loss. I also mentioned how much I liked the series, but never really said the main reason why. In two words; Lisbeth Salander, to whom I will referred as Slander since it is the name I have given her and can’t seemed to erase from my head.

What can we say about one of the most complex characters ever written? Yet, it is so simple to understand her, thanks to the fact that we can read her thoughts, evidently. So, who is Slander? Even when she is not the common victim, is she a character that needs our pity in order to like her? No, and this is her beauty. What Larsson did, was make somebody completely unlikable by society, and make us (the reader) fall in love with her. If we were to meet someone as Slander, we would not think twice before keeping considerable distance from the person. Nobody has time to understand other people. This is sad, but the truth.

I read this fiction book about a girl who is not only misunderstood but also rejected, yet managed to make people look at her and wonder; and suddenly I have this clear understanding of many things about myself I have doubted for years.

Whoever tells you life is easy, is lying to you (and whoever tells you that? I must be smoking something!) Let me preach to the quire for just one second. Nothing good is ever easy, things are supposed to be difficult so that we can appreciate them more. This applies to everything, love, work, friendship… you know, life! (I think we all know that… I hope) Now, how much difficult should they be? One of my many unanswered questions. But, going back to Lisbeth, I can’t stop thinking how cruel can a human be, to make the life of another human as shitty and miserable as the life of Lisbeth. And not just one person, but many of us. How selfish we are that we cannot sacrifice a little to try and understand others, and how this can affect a person entirely.

I knew all about these things, but when I read the series, I realized I did not know the magnitude of the problem. To be seen as something you are not, is not that simple. You will never say again –without seriously thinking about it- how you do not care what others see you as.

And this is one thing -among many and may be the least apparent- Larsson brings out to light in his book trough Lisbeth’s life. Why is it that we are told not to care what people think of us? By not caring what others think of us, aren’t we also, slowly, very slowly, not caring about what we think of others? And, isn’t this another way to be indifferent to each other problems and hurts? I know is not black and white, blah, blah, blah… but I was just brainstorming… don’t mind me.

This time I won’t be reading the second book, nor the third, I know what happens and I think is time for me to put it to rest. My Slander, until we meet again…


The Smell Of Teen Spirit

My good friend Carolina and her boyfriend, Abiram Brizuela, together with a group of wonderful artist have put together a play in commemoration of Kurt Cobain’s death. The play, titled The Smell Of Teen Spirit was written by Karin Valecillos, and is directed by Abiram. Everyone is very excited about this project, however, $20,000 is needed to fund it.

I wanted to share with my readers what my friends have been up to. I’m proud to be a part of the excitement, even when I’m just a fraction of it. These guys have put together something very special and it deserves to be noticed. They have done it, not just as fans of Kurt, but for passion, for honor, for the love of freedom.

The main thing here is not just for you to give money, but for you to support in any way possible, be it by donating or by spreading the word. Spreading the word is in fact one of the most powerful ways of supporting a project, because with it comes the money that is need it to fund it. I would love for my readers to spread the word, and/or donate if possible. But please, spread the word, spread, spread, spread… if you are not a fan of Kurt (wait? how did you get here then?? hmm) then, perhaps your friend is? Yes? Thank you in advance to everyone. I hope this project makes it!!!!!

“It’s not for charity, it’s not for us, it’s for Kurt!”

Here are the links; TheSmellOfTeenSpirit ; very cool video even if you don’t donate watch it!!! Thank you 🙂

Sad Song, Even When The Sun Shines On Me

Alright so I have been gone from my blog in a while. I feel I have neglected one of the best parts of my life right now, as I tend to shed my doubts here and just be my honest self. Today I have forced myself to sit in front of the computer to finally put something down. It seems everytime I land in this chair with the purpose to do something productive I end up doing exactly the opposite… yep, CityVille is juts too damn addictive!!!! Okay, okay, for the same reason I have more than just one thing to share today, and now that I have started typing, boy i’m on a roll.

First, I will share my current obsession from one of my recent obsessions if it makes sense; “Love Song” by Luna Sea. This song is beautiful beyond words. I love how it makes me sad even when the sun shines on me. I love Ryu’s voice, is angelic and wonderful. I’m in love with it, and I can’t get enough of it. In fact, I can’t get enough of them; “In Silence”, “Storm”, “Shine”… oh my God! “Shine”… the sweetest song ever! LUNA SEA I LOVE YOUUUUUU!!! (SIGH) Okay I can stop behaving like a fourteen year old now. 🙂

This video I will share with you is very powerful -anyway, it might just be to us luny fans- it was the last song they sang live in their Final Act concert when the band disbanded in 2000 😦 sad I know. I have heard (more like read) that they are back together to record another album. I’m not sure about that yet, but I will frantically research on it.

UPDATE: I had to shared the MV because they took down all the videos from the Final Act concert. Sorry guys! 😉

LOVE SONG by Luna Sea;

I have to go wash my face now… the “la-la” song (as my friend calls it) makes me really sad! But oh! I love it.


hitori kiri janai shinjirarenai mada mayotte
kimi wo shirumade sou jibun sae mienakatta
hitori de aruita kizukanakatta kono mabushisa
subete to fureau koto sou nazeka kowakute

I miss you kimi no hitomi
I love you ukandeiru

chi wo nagashitsuzuke tatakaitsuzuke aruiteku
kimi to deau made sou shinjiteta nantonaku
kizutsukiattemo tsuyoku aishita tabi no tochuu de
mada owaranai yume dakishimeteitai kedo

I miss you itsu no hi ni ka sono kizu wo
I love you iyaseru kara

So kimi wo aishiteru Love song together
sou kimi wo hanasanai

hitori kiri janai shinjiteitai hanareteitemo
nee aitai toki wa kono uta wo dakishimete

I miss you itsu no hi ni ka kono yume wo
I love you mou ichido

So kimi to tsutaetai Love song together
sou kimi to itakatta
sou kimi wo aishiteru Love song together
sou kimi wo kono ai wo wasurenai

Love together

Lyrics in English:

I still can’t believe
That I’m not all alone
I still doubt it…
I couldn’t even see myself
Until I met you
I used to walk all by myself
And I didn’t even see this blinding light before me
I was scared to hold you all in my arms
I miss you, your eyes
I love you, floating on
I’m going to fight my way through
Life is all about fighting and hurting
…That’s what I believed
until the day I met you
Even if we got hurt on the way,
our love was still strong
I want to keep on embracing
this dream that’s not going to end just yet
I miss you
I know that someday
I love you
Your wound will heal
I love you so
Love Song Together
So I’m never going to let you go
I want to keep on believing
That I’m not all alone
Even if we can’t be together like before
If you ever miss me,
Just gently hold this song to your heart…
I miss you
We’ll make this dream happen again
I love you
So I want to deliver this Love Song together with you
I wanted to be there by your side…
Yes, I still love you
Love Song Together
And No, I will never forget you
… and your love.

Love Together…


Black Sheep

So strangely enough, today started quite smooth. I got to stay in bed until 7am, walked my pet lion and made it to school by 9, and I even found a decent parking spot. Class went by pretty fast, but that’s because I was playing robot defense on my phone which in my opinion helped a bit. So I start the gym again this week since last week I took my first math test of the semester. I spend a full week studying for it freaking out and stuff. I do the test last Friday and I felt confident that  I would at least get a C, but boy was I wrong. I come home happy as can be after working on my fitness ( I sleep better) and I find out that my Nerd Herd Shirt arrived in the mail today. I try it out and it fits which makes me supper happy.

But then, darkness over comes in the form of an email  “Exam 1 results are up”. I log on to check my score and then it happens. I failed my damn test, not even a 50 out of 100. I got a 47. Funny thing was that I became aware that I had some wrong answers in the middle of the test. I couldn’t prove it, but I could feel it in my gut that I knew the answers. Now I feel like crap, I have only 3 more chances to pass this class or I fail, and I seriously cant have that. Damn.

Anyhow,  today’s post name comes from: Scott pilgrim vs the world.

PS. Can anyone draw me this? Just her silhouette, I want to make her into my logo.

Art For The Curious

Because every place may be a gallery

Because every place may be a gallery

martes 2 de noviembre de 2010

Art for the curious is about to begin!

Art for the curious is about to begin!
Are you an artist looking for places to show your work? Are you tired of participating in exhibitions at art galleries where there is a limited audience?

Then, Art for the Curious is for you! We are looking for artists who want to present their work in an innovative way. We propose appealing to the curiosity of a broader audience by interacting directly with viewers on the streets of Downtown Miami in order to receive immediate feedback about your artwork. Be part of the event and use the curiosity of people as a medium to expose your talent.

Imagine a hundred artists taking over Downtown Miami with their art in hand!

If you want to be part of this event just send us a picture of your artwork to and wait more details.