lol. This blogging is actually kinda fun. Any how, my XBox 3 60 headset  is dead and i sure as hell don’t have money to buy a new one head set( the one i want is $50)so i went out and decided; let me buy some crazy adapter thing and see if it works on my control. Now after searching for 2 days and a 13.00 trip to Radio Shack this afternoon, I purchased two adapters that let me use my 2.5 mm mic on my computer and on my XBox control, muahahahhaha ima good right now. All i have to do now is test it and my victory will be complete.

Damn the fact that the actual clip is not on youtube. Now I’m off to bed.

Can We Put Our Differences Aside?

I as get older I notice myself changing more and more not only physically but mentally.  I can handle problems better and I have acquired a very special tool “Diplomacy” (very much needed in the workplace…hush) The fact is we are all different and isn’t that what makes us interesting in the first place? I used to be very aggressive towards anyone who pissed me off in the past, but I have learned that the opposite attitude is much more efficient in resolving issues.  I say if you get into an argument with someone (friend, co-worker, family member, significant other, etc.) over something stupid, instead of spending the rest of the day in a bad mood, sad or mad – Just call or get up and go to them and say something like:

” I know we both can be difficult and we may not agree on everything but I care for our friendship, love, whatever and I just want to leave this behind”

Trust me it works wonders and let’s face it if you have pride and you decide not to take action, all it will do is create more and more drama that will end up lasting for hours, days, weeks, years.. whatever and you might be missing out on the most important things in life.  So I say STOP! and put your differences aside and call that person you have been in a tiff with and give it another chance.  Life is too short! Learn from your pets, they have no pride or ego and they always forget everything.

Micheal Buble

So i’m in some serious need for music, as I said before i have no mp3 player but that doesnt change the fact that youtube gives me my music fix; today was Micheal Buble. This man can sing and make you want him to sing at your wedding sing. Funny thing was that i knew like 3 of his song and didnt even know it. Bless your voice and yur good looks Micheal Buble.

For The Love and The Music

So if there’s one thing i love to do, is go into an FYE. These suckers always have really good music playing over the speakers.

My personal favortie FYE would be the one in Dolphin mall; for some strange reason they always have a dance mix playing, and the one at Sawgrass mall has good music, but no great. The other day my brother and i were shopping at Dolphin for a fathers day (ended up empty handed  lol) but there was this damn song playing that we asked what soundtrack was playing and, here like its the just dance vol 3. So yesterday i found it and now it wont stop playing on my pc as i have no mp3 for the time.

Im The Guy!

Just came from watching Knight and Day and as much as they hate it, I absolutely loved it. Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz have good chemistry, why didn’t they do this sooner? The movie is action packed; has comedy, romance and its juts fun… the movie is fun, fun, fun. Entertains to the fullest and that is what it should be doing as an action film, entertain.

People should just stop hating… so he jumped on a couch on TV, so what? That was years ago, and the Scientology thing is just part of his personal life, it really has nothing to do with the movie. The guy is good at action and this one will not let you down. But then again, maybe I’m not the right person to say this. I mean; if I had to choose one favorite movie it would be The Last Samurai; I fell in love with Jerry, and dream of him ever since; and lets face it, he was a better Lestat than Twonsend.