I’m Back… with a Crafting Vengeance!


Hi everyone! It’s been hell too long for me to be back to this blog. My very first blog, the place where I often shade more than tears writing my thoughts and sharing them with the world. I’m back to continue on this journey, and free my soul of the everyday life that obscures it. NOW!! There will be many changes to this blog.

First, there is going to be a lot of posting about planners and junk journals! Heck I’m obsessed. I thought of even changing the name, but no I won’t, planning and journaling have become an obsession in my life and so it all fits pretty awesomely under the same title.

Why not open a new blog for your crafting needs Laura? Well, because I don’t want to have like 20 blogs spread around the blogesphere, and I don’t want to part from this blog. I have written some good stuff here, most are bad… meh, but some are jewels and I can’t never leave them behind.

For a time I was obsessed with anime, and now I am obsessed with something -less popular among pop culture- but equally as magical. So… (also I forgot how to blog) here we go.

… OH! If you are interested in taking a peak at my planners and such, follow me on instagram @lalaandrocco  and/or pinterest



2 thoughts on “I’m Back… with a Crafting Vengeance!

  1. So nice to see you’re still blogging 🙂 So am I, though I do struggle with updating blog as I am not online as often as I used to be.

    • Mi amiga! yes!!! We are back to our old worlds. Well I just wrote my very first post last night. I will come back with a post on my newest creation: The Junk Journal. There will be some pictures to go along and admire hahaha. 🙂

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