Kawaii Box GIVEAWAY!!!

Hi everyone!! I come here today to pass along this amazing give away from Kawaii Box. You don’t know what a Kawaii Box is? Well… where have you been? Nah really, it’s basically just a box with tons of cute goodies from Japan and Korea. But mainly Japan I think, since the name is Kawaii which I believe means “cute” in Japanese.

I myself have entered the giveaway and can’t wait to win!!! I never do win anything… that’s the main problem. I never win. But I’m keeping fingers crossed.

And after reading this post you all might think I’m on something. Well…

Here is the link to the Kawaii Box GIVEAWAY!!! Don’t miss out.

Ill be back here with more junk journal related subjects… which I had promised a while ago… lazy….


I’m Back… with a Crafting Vengeance!


Hi everyone! It’s been hell too long for me to be back to this blog. My very first blog, the place where I often shade more than tears writing my thoughts and sharing them with the world. I’m back to continue on this journey, and free my soul of the everyday life that obscures it. NOW!! There will be many changes to this blog.

First, there is going to be a lot of posting about planners and junk journals! Heck I’m obsessed. I thought of even changing the name, but no I won’t, planning and journaling have become an obsession in my life and so it all fits pretty awesomely under the same title.

Why not open a new blog for your crafting needs Laura? Well, because I don’t want to have like 20 blogs spread around the blogesphere, and I don’t want to part from this blog. I have written some good stuff here, most are bad… meh, but some are jewels and I can’t never leave them behind.

For a time I was obsessed with anime, and now I am obsessed with something -less popular among pop culture- but equally as magical. So… (also I forgot how to blog) here we go.

… OH! If you are interested in taking a peak at my planners and such, follow me on instagram @lalaandrocco  and/or pinterest



My Sad Night — Yet Another Excuse

Not really, but as I often do, I have come here tonight to over-read some of the posts I had written in the past year’s and I feel like I’m such a let down to my own blog. Jeez… I promise this and that, and in reality I’m making that promise to myself yet I don’t stick with it.

If there is one thing I have learned throughout the years is that I cannot say I will do something because I end up doing the opposite… yet I keep on saying I will do something. I’m determined, I just don’t use that for the right things.

Tonight I felt lonely, sad, and a bit disappointed with people overall; I asked myself this question: Either I don’t know how to pick friends, or I am a total nuts… and sadly but funny at the same time most friends that would read this would agree with the latter :p

My problem is with the cyber world, ALWAYS. Gladly my life outside this mess we call NET is not crappy. In reality that should matter the most right? So why do I keep insisting in doing things that have proven again and again to not go with my character… I guess I have to stick to using my computer for writing, emails, gaming, and of course watching dramas.

Oh! Drama world why did I ever discovered you?? Ha, ha.









A Woman From the 20th Century.

Don’t read this if you have a tendency of being grossed out by vulgar speech. I came to rant today ! :p

I can not believe it took me this long to come back here… wait! That’s not it. What I can’t believe is that Im actually back here writing, being my complete self.

It is the most wonderful thing to be able to just be yourself entirely. Yep! Because no matter how the story goes, that you act like yourself in front of others and so on, I don’t believe that. No one can really be their complete-self in front of other people. Maybe you are the type of person who likes to pick their nose while driving… why not? Lot of people do it, and its not a big deal. But, would you do that if you had others in the car with you? Nope, I didn’t think so. How about if you are like those type of people that like to play with their feet while watching TV? Would you do that if you had friends over? Maybe if the friends have known you your whole life… maybe.

I know, we all have certain things that are typical of our characters and yet we don’t do them in front of others, no matter how comfortable we are with that person; unless the person is like, our mothers.

Well I am happy to be at home, my little corner of the cyberworld in which I can just act however I want and don’t have to mind what others would say of my actions. Well, let me just get his off my chest dear corner:


Why do people think they can say ANYTHING they want online? Perhaps, because the other person is not looking at their face, otherwise they wouldn’t act so impertinently and cruel. I have seen (read) some nasty things online that have been directed at other people, one of those “other people” was me at one point. I stopped that by stepping out of the minefield. Cyber war? Not or me.  Im a woman of the 20th century, I like writing letters; addressing them with “Dear someone” and ending them with my full name, yes that’s right! My full name… what the hell kind of letter ends without greetings and your full name?

What I have read just makes me want to feel sorry for my kids (the ones that have not been born yet) what kind of world are we creating for them?

I can’t help but to think technology is a great thing, wouldn’t do without my computer… actually I could if I absolutely had to. But true, technology is a good thing. However, the down-side of it is very worrisome. There is very little love for life out there!!

I have to give it to the new generation. They are in for real harsh times!

From 2010-2011, 8 Best Findings

Last year for December, I made lists of most of the things that had happened in my life on 2010. The projects I could not accomplish, the best dramas, anime, and Luna Sea was always present with their music to make my holidays brighter. However, there was one post that didn’t make it; “10 Top Findings This Year”. I had written about the things and people that had entered in my life, and changed me in a magical way.

 “Do you believe in destiny? How many times have you been asked the destiny question? If you have been asked at all? Then again, this is such a mystery to the human mind that it is impossible not to ask this question even to yourself. I believe there is not one person on this Earth that has never wondered about destiny. Is it real or not? Are we born with life already planned for us by the all mighty? Or do we just live life and go with the flow of things? I think both.

I think we are born with a purpose, whether is the same for everybody or not I do not know, but we all have something to fulfill. You live your life making choices; once you have made a choice, you have paved a destiny for yourself. Cause and effect, I strongly believe in that. I also believe the people and things (events, objects) we come across with during our time on Earth are important in this cause and effect theory. That whatever we find along the way, helps us shape our future/destiny.

This year there has been many memorable things that helped shaped my destiny. I have seen things that have changed the way I think in so many aspects I can’t even begin to describe. I have been given the opportunity to do things I never thought I would do. Then, there is that one person I met –now my good friend-, Carolina.”

This year it has been full of downs more than ups, but I don’t quit that easy. I have to think of the good things that came into my life, and those other that stayed and never left me. Always supporting me, always cheering me on… so, to close the year I wanted to blog about those things/people that I encountered during 2010-2011, and that have stayed, hopefully for a long time.

8-The charcoal artist:

Originally, my number 9 finding on my 2010 list. William Kentridge, a south American artist, born in 1955. He is famous for his animated shorts done with charcoal. But what is great about him is the innovated way in which he does it. Ill show you, because some times a picture says more than words:

However this year, I have seen less of Kentridge and art as a whole, and more of music and Kpop. Big Bang is the band to bring me in into the world of Kpop.

Please read the post on Big Bang written by my fellow warriors to learn more about this amazing band. Meet Big Bang 

7-Asian Films:

Wow… I mean, WOW. I had opened myself to Asian films before; this year is not the first time, but certainly the beginning to my Asian film obsession. The movie that made it happened is one of the greatest movies I have seen; The Chaser. The story centers around a cop turned pimp, who is on a painful quest to finding his girls that have disappeared recently, and he believes were taken to be sold in the human market. What he finds, however, is something even more terrifying. I think anyone who believes themselves to be film fanatics should watch it.

Other movies that are as great as this one: I Saw The Devil (also a Korean film like The Chaser); The Warlords; Battle of Red Cliff; 13th Assassins; A Bittersweet Life; Internal Affairs (yep… the original version of The Departed).

6-Lisbeth Salander:

This was also an original pick from 2010, but it has escalated even more this year with the anticipation of David Fincher’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Yeah, yeah, yeah… you can say what you please about Hollywood making versions of other films and so on… but, this movie is not a re-make exactly, but Fincher’s own version, as he sees it to be, which makes for an interesting argument among Larson’s fans (/me is one of them). I think it is somewhat arrogant of someone to take something that is great, and presume to make it greater. But Fincher IS a great director, and I know this movie on its own will be great. Lets not compare it as a re-make, but lets view it as a different version of the original. It helps to stop the unnecessary hate… hate? Tsk, have you read the comments around the blogsphere? Yep, HATE.


Last year I started this blog, I was happy to be able to express myself without having to feel sorry for my opinions. This year, I have also started another blog (The Dramatards) in company of Amanda, and Laken; two warriors that united with me on the cause of dramatardness (a new term on my dictionary). We will bring to you the very best of our drama experience, as well as the very worse… and boy do we rant about that! Don’t miss it. The Dramatards

4-Luna Sea:

Luna Sea is originally a find from 2010. But like Lisbeth, it has been forever constant in my life ever since. I love their music. They are talented beyond words. I believe them to be one of the greatest rock bands ever… yeah Im not saying they are the number 1, but… /me is a fan so she will place them on Greatest Rock Band Ever list any time :p

3-Friends from the blogsphere:

– Alannah Murphy (no, she is not Peter Murphy’s daughter) Alannah has been a supporter of my art, my rants, and my craziness along the way. Sometimes more than others, she has taken the ride with me into lala-land (laura’s world) She has taught me things I didn’t expect to learn, and she has trusted me with valuable things, which makes me feel bless I met such a person. I admire her determination to bring to life, what I believe will be, a hell of great fictional character… mi amiga hurry up and make him famous!! The world wishes to know him. 😉

– Laken Shirley (No she is not a vampire, but I thought the same when I first learned of her name) In the short time that I have met her, Laken has been a great help to me in many ways. Most importantly, she believed in me when I needed her to, and surprised me with wisdom, which I never expected from some one as young as her… errr, to not make me feel like an old woman, lets not disclose her age, okay? I don’t mean to say, youngsters are not capable of being wise, but is hard to meet one, especially online. I hope Laken continues to surprise me; it definitely opens my mind.

– Amanda Snyder (my fellow nekkie spammer) We have spammed together pictures of hotties, here and there… everywhere; we have taken over threads, post, and pages all over the blogsphere, with our charms (yes, I can be charming too) and quirkiness… as odd as we are a pair, we have many things in common. “Great minds think alike” right Amandita? I found in her a good friend, that has helped me and understand me… the latter is not something easy, trust me. Where will our next Taking Over take place?

2-My talent (reborn):

A co-worker said it not long ago, that my skills have improved ever since 2010 began. Yep, it is true. I have found my passion again, and this time I know that it will take me some place far… where or when? I don’t know for sure, but the feeling of forever growing is always constant since I discovered my own style. Visit the art gallery to see some of my works.

1-My good friend, Carolina:

I met Carolina in my art class of last year. She is a cheerful little miss that has brought many good things into my life. I got back into drawing full time because of her. She advised, and supporter me greatly, and still does. I admire her as well. She is a person with a goal in mind and pursues it, never quitting, never falling behind of her expectations. That is endurance and a big love for life, which I find admirable. Her desire to make a change is always constant and never weavers. With a dedication like hers to make it happen, the world could really see a different side of life. Thank you Caro, for always being a true friend, from the beginning, when we met in class as fellow students/artist, till now, as good friends. Don’t ever go away, I need you. 🙂

I would like to end with a quote from one of my favorite movies of all times… no, more than that, it is the ONE movie I have learned from the most; the movie I keep learning from, and keep going back to; The Last Samurai.

Before the final battle, leader samurai Katsumoto asks Algren if he believes in destiny, and Algren answers: “I think a man does what he can until his destiny is revealed to him.” There is cause and effect, but above all, there is definitely a purpose.