Day 7,8,9,…,11 in the Skecthbook Challenge

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MADNESS!!!!! Yes it has been very stressful these past few days, so much I ended up not working on the sketchbook for two full days D:

I came back to it today, and I have made progress. How much progress? Well, let’s see: I made an introduction page for the overall theme which is “The Last Word Spoken” (I changed my theme from “The Science of Story” to this one) and I have in mind an “about the artist” page for the last two pages of the sketchbook, so that killed 4 pages that I dont have to worry about anymore *sigh*. On the down side, I have 2 drawings I have finished sketching but Im not too pleased with, so I keep putting off adding color. *hangs head in shame*. Life is difficult!

Enough drama. Here is what I have done since day 6:

Intro page… its not the first two page, as the first two pages are a dedication and I posted that on the first day!

After making the intro page, -remember this drawing?- well I went back to it, and changed a few things… still NOT pleased with it. Any suggestions?

This is an add on from something I had in mind for this sketchbook in the first place, but since the theme changed it would not fit with the new theme… however, time is too precious to waste old ideas :p

The idea seemed so interesting and possible… now it seems MEH and when I think of all the detail on the hair… *sigh* I need a hammer!!! Got one?

What’s going on here? Well there is a broken birdcage, or seems like one… any suggestions as to what to do with it?

This one was one of those ideas you get right after you think you have all your ideas figured out… yep, this one was a saver, as I love it, and it was fun to sketch.

Wondering how it looks with color? :p

And this is it from me…Β  I have one more drawing from Maya, and I left it for the end as it is her last contribution to this mad challenge. Her sketchbook is already on the mail, making its way to NY Brookling… hooray for Maya!!! πŸ˜€

Maya’s version of Jekyll and Hide. Artist: Maya Doan. Model: Maya Doan. lol.

I have only two more pages to think of what to do with… and about everything else to color, ink, finish, and GO! How many days are left? Ugh! Don’t even go there.


Day 6 in the Skecthbook Challenge

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Its been two days full of brainstorming, sketching, and finally applying color. I don’t think I have a back anymore because I don’t feel any pain… I should feel some pain, right? Moving on… Today I have nothing from dear Maya… sometimes, in the middle of a deadline and all the madness, you need a few hours (more like a day) to re-think the whole thing and get your ideas in order.

Maya will surely be joining me again in the next post πŸ™‚

Now I’ll stop babbling and get to the showing.

The finished drawing of the Dream Sketch I did inspired on the Korean movie Bi-Mong. You think my sketch is weird? The movie is even more!

Okay! Lets have fun for a little bit, this time around I’ll show you the whole coloring process πŸ˜‰

I also have the next drawing sketched out, but need to add a few more details to it. I’ll be completing that one today (hopefully) and tomorrow is the beginning of the end!! 8 More days until April 30th.

Day 5 in the Skecthbook Challenge

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I know I have skipped 2 days, but things in the real world got a bit complicated *sigh* … In this post I will still give you the progress of the past two days that for me have not been much. I finished a sketch, and now I’m in the middle of applying the ink. I have not finished with it, but I have to put it down for a bit so I can get a sense of whats happening.

Meanwhile I will share it with you, and also take my time to share Maya’s latest drawings which are amazing.

Maya went back to her Music Muse (as I call it) and did some final details:

and this is her latest drawing! Love it!

Alright so from my part; I got inspired from this Korean movie titled Bi-Mong (Dream) and did some sort of dream sequence which is not completely understandable, but bear with me on this one lol.

First I will post the original sketch, the one that was made right after watching the movie.

this one is the final sketch… like I said, I’m still in the process of applying the ink. Almost done though :p

I changed a few things here and there, and moved them around to fit better the sketchbook dimensions, and also because I thought the composition would look better.

I’ll have more by tonight, and hope that tomorrow I can have half the sketchbook done o.O

The Sketchbook Challenge

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Hello world!

This time I come back with a huge project. The Sketchbook Project Limited Edition. Click on the link to check out the website and take a look at all the artists that are actually part of this project and others.

What is the project about? You sign up and get a sketchbook in the mail, fill it up with sketches or paintings/drawings, whatever you please to do; send it back to them at the Brooklyn Library in New York and they exhibit your sketchbook. They will store it as another book in the library, and they will have it there for people all around to see it. You get an email every time someone has viewed your sketchbook. Isn’t that cool? Yep! Even more cool is that this time around, the Limited Edition means it will also be added to the first volume of a series of books that will be published showcasing all the artists that have participated on this project over the years!… oh yeah because they don’t just do this one time, they do this every year!!! O: wow… if you are interested in being part of one of the projects, by all means visit their website. They have many different projects that you can join, and you don’t have to be a professional artist, that is the best part.

Okay so why do I name it “The Sketchbook Challenge” ? That my friends… I ONLY HAVE LESS THAN TWO WEEKS TO MAIL IT BACK! and I have only filled up to six pages out of 30… yeah, I know… only happens to me. No! wait, not only me. My friend Maya Doan is also participating on the project and although she seems to be more disciplined than I am, she is also running against time in this wonderful adventure.

Here are a few pictures of what the sketchbook looks like, although I have completely rebound mine with new paper, added more pages, and made it leather bound for more durability. I will show pictures of how it looks in the next post πŸ˜‰

We only have 12 days to go, so here is what we have done so far:

These are Maya’s art work (10pages). She is amazing with details. I love her style. πŸ™‚

This is what I have done (4pages):

This is it for now. Im currently working on my next sketch. I already have it all sketched out and only need to add the color… that is the hard part. I will be posting every night with progress of the challenge… wait for it! πŸ™‚