A Junk Journal PARTE DOS

Hello friends,

I’m back finally with the second part to this Junk Journal I started creating, when was it? Last Year? Oh Dear!

I know I took a long time to come back here and post the second part for this Junk Journal, and frankly I didn’t think I would come back. I have been very out of touch with blogging and its hard to maintain a schedule when I have like 20 other sites to take care of. Online life is not easy… the struggle is real.

Now, let us get right into the subject I came to share. The Junk Journal.

Yes, it’s super finished. Or at least my version of complete. There are a few pages that can use writing or coloring, but it doesn’t bother me to leave it as if and move on to a new book. I have like three waiting… I’m that obsessed.

I promised pictures and here I bring them. I also bring a video on how it looked when I posted the first post about it, and actually what I intended on showing you guys.

Hope you like it, and makes you want to start a junk journal of your own. Oh yeah, if you think there is lack of informative sentences in this post you aren’t being OCD, I’m just that lazy.


The book as it looks now. The elastic is to reinforce the cover. Yep, is that chunky.



This is the cover of yet another smaller journal I bought from YesStyle.com and I used as a door to a few pages that contain personal notes.



On of my favorite pages.


Will soon become a favorite page… or not. Once I color the flowers growing on his head.


Another favorite page. It’s an envelope with a pretty tag for closure.




I love to do collage of things. These are just labels for tabs that came inside my Planner Society Kit and I frankly don’t use them for its intended purpose. EVER.


Love to glue paper scraps all over.


A Macy’s envelope that I converted into my own page within a page sort of thing.





Within this book I use old drawings to pretty up pages. I love it!


An old photo of my dad. It looks like from the 18th century.




This is like a small purse. I decided to trap some pages inside of it.



My first shaker-board!


Because I quickly want to fill up the pages and don’t have enough time to go through a process and come up with new creations, I use old stuff.


This aren’t all of the pages, of course, and yet I had to cut some pages out because the book wouldn’t be able to hold all the pages with those already weak covers. At least the spine is strong.

Here is my very first video on this beauty!

Thank you for reading me and until next time!

Maybe a planner post? I think I should! I must!

A Junk Journal – PARTE UNO

Hello everyone! So here I am again to bring you guys one of my most recent obsessions; The Junk Journal.

I discovered this new passion through my passion/obsession/madness with planners. Just as I discovered the passion of planning and decorating your planner through the passion of organizing a diaper bag and showing its contents. Yep, it’s all a big loop of videos I watched on youtube while pregnant with my son Rocco. Although, I must admit I have created a junk journal of sorts before, very long ago, when I thought making myself believe Lestat was real, was as natural as dipping your bread in the cafe con leche! Oh my! Now I have to go have a cup of that sweetness.

Several cups after (a lot more cups after) I still have that junk journal and flipping through it the other night brought back so many memories, and a strong desire to go back to being that Laura, but not as much “wanting to be her” as wanting to have her life. However, I would never leave my son behind… so much for wanting.

This new junk journal I have created, I hope will become if not an outlet for creativity and inspiration, a place where to find peace. So why don’t I just stop blabbering about something or other, and show you guys what it looks like, and how I got it there.

Here is a few things I got wrong and will now remember for next junk journal (oh yea! there will be plenty more to come); I realized after making all the signatures that the spine of the cover I had selected was too small for the signatures. It would not glue to it because it was just too narrow of a space and my signatures were too bulky. It seemed fine to me before sewing them together… I guess I’m just not that good at measuring.


All the washi tape is not only covering the holes I punched wrong but reinforcing some of the paper because a lot of it is just too old even when it doesn’t look vintage. Meh.

Sewing the signatures was first an arduous task. But once I did the first one, the rest became like a walk in the park. And I wouldn’t really be able to explain how I sew them here, but basically all I did was punch holes; miss the alignment; add washi tape to the holes on the wrong line; punch holes again, this time aligned; use a huge needle and a thick thread and sew away. Later I noticed I could have sewn each signature to the spine I created after realizing the original cover wouldn’t hold all of it. But… oh well!


Okay so here I’m showing you the signatures (which I keep seeing 5 but there is actually 4) together with the new top cover and the bottom cover. No spine.

Before I came up with my own covers, I looked around the bit of mess in my room for a book or journal I could tear apart. But nothing I found was old enough or undesired enough, so…. several minutes later and a headache I went to the kitchen and had a beer. Yep. I bet you thought I would say cup of tea.

What I really did was came up with making my own book covers, after all, I have done this before! I created my own sketchbook for the sketchbook challenge, and if you have no clue what I’m talking about go check it out here. Thanks. Now back to this book in question;


Sorry Scarlet Lime! But at least you have served more than one purpose. Okay, this picture is showing the top cover of the journal before doing anything to it. Gluing it to the signatures, or spine, or making it pretty… the whole ordeal.

I also used, for the spine, a piece of the box from the Planner Society. So my entire book cover and spine is made of the Planner Society’s box. Sweet. I first made sure the signatures would stay together by sweing them all together. How I did it was rather simple, I just ran a thread through all the threads in the back of each signature (don’t know if I’m making sense… sorry no picture of that). Then I glued a mesh that they actually sell for biding books. After that I glued the signatures all together with mesh and all to the spine. Then I had my signatures on a spine and no cover… but I knew I had figured out how to make the book. And I knew it would look magical. Yeah I can be a bit arrogant at times. I admit to that!

What follows here is just a few pictures of how it would look once I added the cover. Which I have no idea why I thought that was more informative than taking a picture of the spine of the book once finished putting it together. Ugh.




Once I finished taking those useless pictures right above, I went ahead and got just regular paper (white, for printing, no big deal), and I glued the spine (holding the signatures) to the paper first, then I glued the covers to each side and that was it. I had finished the basics.


This is the actual book before adding embellishments. It already looked sooooo pretty, thanks to Scarlet Lime and her Planner Society. ❤


At least you guys can see the mesh here glued to the signatures, well this is how it looked once opening the cover. Of course I took care of that and you guys will see how in the next post.

Well, now I will have to stop this post right here since it covers all the basics of how I made this book/junk jounal/amazing. In my next post I will be showing the finished product and a few other things.

Be sure to check out my youtube video for how it looks once I finished, before adding anything to the pages. Mind you is rather a long video and I do get carried away with talking about this or that… figures!

As always, thank you so much for reading me and I hope to read you in my comments section!! ❤