A Junk Journal PARTE DOS

Hello friends,

I’m back finally with the second part to this Junk Journal I started creating, when was it? Last Year? Oh Dear!

I know I took a long time to come back here and post the second part for this Junk Journal, and frankly I didn’t think I would come back. I have been very out of touch with blogging and its hard to maintain a schedule when I have like 20 other sites to take care of. Online life is not easy… the struggle is real.

Now, let us get right into the subject I came to share. The Junk Journal.

Yes, it’s super finished. Or at least my version of complete. There are a few pages that can use writing or coloring, but it doesn’t bother me to leave it as if and move on to a new book. I have like three waiting… I’m that obsessed.

I promised pictures and here I bring them. I also bring a video on how it looked when I posted the first post about it, and actually what I intended on showing you guys.

Hope you like it, and makes you want to start a junk journal of your own. Oh yeah, if you think there is lack of informative sentences in this post you aren’t being OCD, I’m just that lazy.


The book as it looks now. The elastic is to reinforce the cover. Yep, is that chunky.



This is the cover of yet another smaller journal I bought from YesStyle.com and I used as a door to a few pages that contain personal notes.



On of my favorite pages.


Will soon become a favorite page… or not. Once I color the flowers growing on his head.


Another favorite page. It’s an envelope with a pretty tag for closure.




I love to do collage of things. These are just labels for tabs that came inside my Planner Society Kit and I frankly don’t use them for its intended purpose. EVER.


Love to glue paper scraps all over.


A Macy’s envelope that I converted into my own page within a page sort of thing.





Within this book I use old drawings to pretty up pages. I love it!


An old photo of my dad. It looks like from the 18th century.




This is like a small purse. I decided to trap some pages inside of it.



My first shaker-board!


Because I quickly want to fill up the pages and don’t have enough time to go through a process and come up with new creations, I use old stuff.


This aren’t all of the pages, of course, and yet I had to cut some pages out because the book wouldn’t be able to hold all the pages with those already weak covers. At least the spine is strong.

Here is my very first video on this beauty!

Thank you for reading me and until next time!

Maybe a planner post? I think I should! I must!