The Kite Dreamer

This Saturday there will be an exhibit in Downtown Miami, Fl, for the kids in Peru that don’t have school supplies. The event is titled “Dream Givers” and its exactly what it is, whoever donates is giving a kid in Peru the opportunity to dream for a better future. Donations can be school supplies, money, or your art work for sale, if you are an artist.

For the past four five days I have been working on a piece for this exhibit. I have finished today, and I will go down to Downtown to donated. Its kind of hard to just donate, since it is my very first illustrated story. It is a short story, it only takes about four pages although I have done it in a big drawing paper so it is one piece. At the same time, however, it is awesome that I can donate this for a good thing, and get to exhibit, which it is also my very first time doing so.

I hope you like the piece, its titled; “The Kite Dreamer”

(The Kite Dreamer, ink pen, ink wash)


Amazing Art!

I found this amazing artist looking for reference material for my own art. I just wanted to share this with my readers.

His name is Matt Forsythe. He is an illustrator and comic book artist. I just love the media he works with, his art is really beautiful. I won’t say much since his blog has a lot of information on him and lots of his art. However I will share one of my favorite so far;

This is a sketch by Matt Forsythe, Metro-Kid

Matt Forsythe’s comics and illustrations