Day 6 in the Skecthbook Challenge

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Its been two days full of brainstorming, sketching, and finally applying color. I don’t think I have a back anymore because I don’t feel any pain… I should feel some pain, right? Moving on… Today I have nothing from dear Maya… sometimes, in the middle of a deadline and all the madness, you need a few hours (more like a day) to re-think the whole thing and get your ideas in order.

Maya will surely be joining me again in the next post 🙂

Now I’ll stop babbling and get to the showing.

The finished drawing of the Dream Sketch I did inspired on the Korean movie Bi-Mong. You think my sketch is weird? The movie is even more!

Okay! Lets have fun for a little bit, this time around I’ll show you the whole coloring process 😉

I also have the next drawing sketched out, but need to add a few more details to it. I’ll be completing that one today (hopefully) and tomorrow is the beginning of the end!! 8 More days until April 30th.


Day 5 in the Skecthbook Challenge

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I know I have skipped 2 days, but things in the real world got a bit complicated *sigh* … In this post I will still give you the progress of the past two days that for me have not been much. I finished a sketch, and now I’m in the middle of applying the ink. I have not finished with it, but I have to put it down for a bit so I can get a sense of whats happening.

Meanwhile I will share it with you, and also take my time to share Maya’s latest drawings which are amazing.

Maya went back to her Music Muse (as I call it) and did some final details:

and this is her latest drawing! Love it!

Alright so from my part; I got inspired from this Korean movie titled Bi-Mong (Dream) and did some sort of dream sequence which is not completely understandable, but bear with me on this one lol.

First I will post the original sketch, the one that was made right after watching the movie.

this one is the final sketch… like I said, I’m still in the process of applying the ink. Almost done though :p

I changed a few things here and there, and moved them around to fit better the sketchbook dimensions, and also because I thought the composition would look better.

I’ll have more by tonight, and hope that tomorrow I can have half the sketchbook done o.O