The Finished Works of Day 2 in the Sketchbook Challenge

Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers. Isaac Asimov

As promised (more to myself than anything… must keep up the discipline!!) Here I have the finished drawings of some of today’s sketches… Hope you like them 🙂

As always Maya’s drawing first 😀 :

my drawing:

Tomorrow (or rather today in a few hours) ill have some more awesome drawings from Maya -she is working on a very good one; and perhaps some finished drawings from me.


My Starting Point

“Yesterday I wanted to rant, or more like pour out my thoughts here. Your post lifted my spirit; it made me laugh aloud like crazy. Suddenly I felt, I was not so lonely anymore, and I’m sorry for being selfish. It is somewhat cowardly to amuse myself with your frustration, for that I apologize.
Today, my frustrations have come back. I want to put it in writing, maybe it will sink in… you know? Get some sense of worth.
He said there is no such thing as “waiting for inspiration”. The action of doing something will bring inspiration. There must be a starting point; no matter how unappealing, it will surely become something greater. That creativity lives in the here and now, that it is born from simplicity, that it feeds from certainty and control; but I must get rid of all judgment in order to keep it. I must take a route and be willing to depart from it.
I’m standing on a starting point, but…. Where is my willingness? Why am I so obstinate to think I need to wait for it? And why am I so wretched? To all these things I knew the answer, but still, I chose to be weak minded. I thought (if I’m permitted to use your word) I had been abandoned, but as it turns out, I am the one that has abandoned…

I wrote this in a rant thread, I have been away from my blog far too long.

Recently I have come to a starting point, but don’t know how to follow the road: 

Sketch of The Forest Witch

Sketch of The Forest Witch

Sketch of Jo

Sketch of Jo (I had initially named him Yo, but then thought Jo would be a better name. I know it sounds unbelievable, but there are actually names like "Yo" and "Jo" out there)

Study of Doodles and The Stranger

The Key

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Most say I am obsessed with anime (Japanese animation) because I watch lots of it, own some classics; draw it, have books about it, etc. Then, wouldn’t that make me a person who is obsessed with art as well? And … Continue reading

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The Wicked Me

Its been about a year and two months. I look back on what I have posted, most of the things I have posted here, and I have to say I feel I have done pretty good for someone who knows crap about blogging and writing. For someone who wants to write a fiction novel and hopes to be published, I have a long way to go; and for someone with a lot to say on my mind I have said absolutely nothing of what truly counts. At least not to my understanding, not of how I see things at this moment. Some things I have written are good, others can be forgotten. But what really surprised me as interesting was the lack of impurities.

Isn’t this blog, a blog of obsessions and impurities? A blog where I come clean, and confess all my wrong doings (well not exactly, I would be shameless) and obsess about the things I wish I could possess/do/create… just BE? Yes! This is such a blog, and this is the longest time I have been away from it. At the risk of making this, yet, another post about NOT POSTING… oops, I already have! I will share how obsession entered my mind:


"Perception" (This is an image I captured from a drawing,"Perception", I did back in Highschool. For those who have been following my art, you should be able to notice the roughness in the skills 😛 )

It was in the form of a gift, or should I say a friend’s good will. Because, the meaning of liking is not the same as being obsess with something.

Perception rather twists things, and ultimately confuses you… it is a dangerous weapon if a person is weak-minded. For example: A person may like a certain music band, and be happy listening to their songs for more than a day; a friend may perceive that, as this person being obsess with this particular band. However, it’s their perspective, not what it’s really happening. What follows: this friend will potentially give this person, gifts of this particular music band since he/she believes it is what this person “obsesses” about. And this is how and obsession begins. Nothing wrong with it, nothing to rant about, nothing to be angry about… and I am not! It got me thinking: perhaps half of my obsessions are not even real. I have been posting about my obsessions for more than a year, and there is a big chance they aren’t really mine to begin with! WOW. I hope it’s not entirely so… I think it’s not. I still love Cowboy Bebop, and I’m very sensitive of it; I believe this one at least is real. 😉

For the rest of the year, or until I get tired again -which seems to be what happened- I would like to write about my impurities, and give way to the wicked me by sharing the things inside my head, perhaps by doing so, I will become a little more human each time. An exercise I have been practicing lately with great results… it goes something like this: “find peace within, by casting away your demons.” Hmm, why do I get the feeling that I have gotten it all wrong? Hahaha…


I think myself arrogant, and it does not help that others around me feed my pride with excessive, and at times unnecessary, praise. Perhaps, this is the reason why I am as hard as I can be with myself; if a person were to ask me about who I am, I would not know what to say. However, I can talk about myself if I start by telling you one of my many flaws. Still, why do I feel like I am an ugly person? Why do I feel like I need to be humbled down?

Artists are in constant need for understanding. We want to be acknowledged, we want to be seen. We want to be recognized, we want to be accepted. More than that, we want to receive the highest form of praise a person could ever get. As human beings, I think we already seek all these things; only artists want it even more. Perhaps, reason why some of the masters were –beyond their comprehension- so dramatic, even to the point of being tormented; even to the point of taking their lives. I do not suffer such arrogance –if arrogance it is. My punishment for having so much pride is not as severe, for I am not, and will never come (only wish to) close to being as great as the masters. I do not live a dark and lonely live; I do not suffer a one-sided tragic love. My life is simple, and common… and that is damn good. I just tell myself everyday, that I am not such a great person; that I must work at improving my character, for I lack one important thing: sincerity!

Music is the best tool for inspiration, in my opinion. Adagio in G Minor, by Tomaso Giovanni Albinoni, is the kind of music that inspires a certain darkness within me. I don’t say this thinking that I will turn into a bad person because of this music, but it makes me sad… to be honest, it makes me feel as if I have done terrible things, and now I must repent for them.

The next video I will share is tittled “Adagio”, an animated ten minutes film by Russian animator Garry Bardin. The film is based on the short story Danko and His Fiery Heart, writing by Maxim Gorky. Although the film is based on the story of Danko, to me, it is more a parable on how history repeats itself. It is not religious, although some of us might see it that way, but surely it portraits all that history has taught us.

Perhaps, one day, I will be able to create something as pure as this work of art… one day, when I have learned to be more like Danko.