Just a Note

Hello world!

Finally, I found the motivation to update my Blog and keep up with it. I have been away for too long, but no worries, I will not make this post yet another excuse why Im not here.

In my cyber travels I encountered new friends, and fell into unpredictable and unwanted situations which only made me realize the world is full of mean, selfish, and often ignorant people. Thankfully, I found happiness in those few friends I did make. Overall, it was a great experience, and I believe I have grown as a person. I am able to understand myself better.

Not to continue with my babbling, I will give an incentive of what’s to come… this time I’m not stopping after two more posts, it’s a promise.

For one thing, there are plenty of subjects I would really like to discuss here, and this we need to attribute to my insanely awesome philosophy professor. During this semester -which sadly will come to an end in about a month… yahoo!-  this class in particular (Critical Thinking and Ethics) has opened my eyes to issues I never knew could be so interesting and fun. There was the case of whether Dexter is a good person or not, and well, the utilitarian ideal. I’m going to enjoy writing about this.

Also -and probably the most immediate one- I will follow some of the older posts with answers to my rambling and interesting discoveries of why I was NOT-SO-RIGHT!!

I might not do it at the same pace in which I was Blogging last year, but I sure am going to fill in some of the void this part of my world has fallen into.

For now, I will leave you with an old favorite.



5 thoughts on “Just a Note

  1. wow, Welcome back honey, Good to see you and great to hear your enriching your literary and social skills gradually. i will be as usual watching your post without trying to get into them. i silent and ardent observer thats what for now…nd sorry to hear you have poor experiences from ur Cyber pals.

    • Thank you mi amiga. Yeah, I told you in your last post (I think) how I understood you so well since Im going through the same thing haha… but lately I have gotten back into the mood of blogging.
      Thank you for the comment dear Alannah 🙂

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