My Starting Point

“Yesterday I wanted to rant, or more like pour out my thoughts here. Your post lifted my spirit; it made me laugh aloud like crazy. Suddenly I felt, I was not so lonely anymore, and I’m sorry for being selfish. It is somewhat cowardly to amuse myself with your frustration, for that I apologize.
Today, my frustrations have come back. I want to put it in writing, maybe it will sink in… you know? Get some sense of worth.
He said there is no such thing as “waiting for inspiration”. The action of doing something will bring inspiration. There must be a starting point; no matter how unappealing, it will surely become something greater. That creativity lives in the here and now, that it is born from simplicity, that it feeds from certainty and control; but I must get rid of all judgment in order to keep it. I must take a route and be willing to depart from it.
I’m standing on a starting point, but…. Where is my willingness? Why am I so obstinate to think I need to wait for it? And why am I so wretched? To all these things I knew the answer, but still, I chose to be weak minded. I thought (if I’m permitted to use your word) I had been abandoned, but as it turns out, I am the one that has abandoned…

I wrote this in a rant thread, I have been away from my blog far too long.

Recently I have come to a starting point, but don’t know how to follow the road: 

Sketch of The Forest Witch

Sketch of The Forest Witch

Sketch of Jo

Sketch of Jo (I had initially named him Yo, but then thought Jo would be a better name. I know it sounds unbelievable, but there are actually names like "Yo" and "Jo" out there)


11 thoughts on “My Starting Point

  1. If I may be so bold as to say….you are already, and at all times, on the road. Your road. Commit to that road…and you will find that you have already traveled quite a distance. 🙂

    • Thanks Roxanna! I like your words… I will do as you say 🙂
      I understand this now… I feel we tend to ignore or disregard our own potentials. I just need to keep on going, see where it leads me.

  2. I agree with all you have to do is, take a deep breath, look within and all else will got what it takes to make it. Find the “inspiration” within yourself cariño… 😉 tqm

  3. Trust yourself, Jade Eyes. It is a promise that you do have the answers within yourself. Listen for the whispers or the nudges. They are there. It’s a promise.

    Look at these two creations! You may have to accept that you have remarkable talent. It means responsibility. But what a great gift to be responsible for. It would not be yours if you couldn’t handle it. Trust yourself.

    • “It would not be yours if you couldn’t handle it.” wow I never thought of it that way… thank you!! I will trust myself, yes. I’m starting to see a bigger picture. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  4. Been there, many many many times. It’s hard, and yes, I know that they say it’s just a matter of trying, until suddenly, you draw or write something worthwhile, but I still cannot create when true inspiration doesn’t strike me. Perhaps, it’s a matter of trying, until you get used to doing this, and it becomes second nature, but I’m old school, and still feel “inspiration” is not something that is here with us, at all times. Of course, I’m probably wrong lol.

    Hang in there, you’ll find your starting point, if you haven’t done so already.

  5. Scatty me…sorry, muñeco on my mind lol….(go read my email or FB msg for that to make sense)

    Third and last comment from me lol: Amy (souldipper) is very wise and she is spot on. You do have lots of talent 🙂

    • Mi amiga you left so many comments!! me love it 😀

      Thank you for the support, especially for what you have done lately (you know with the book) I’m really happy to have met you 🙂
      Well… Im off to read your FB msg.

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