Study of Doodles and The Stranger

Most say I am obsessed with anime (Japanese animation) because I watch lots of it, own some classics; draw it, have books about it, etc. Then, wouldn’t that make me a person who is obsessed with art as well? And if so, I am obsess with what I do for my life. I say for my life, because without art I have nothing. I am obsessed with my life.

I don’t know, perhaps I am just reading too much into this whole obsession thing… and right now I will let it go… there, lets talk about more interesting things, like… art.

I have finally finished my sketchbook; I feel I have done wonderful with it. There are tons of quotes, notes, and inspirational messages in it, to help me create. Many of the things I have created recently have been possible because of this sketchbook, and the wonderful Bert Dodson and his book Keys To Drawing with Imagination, which helped me initiate my sketchbook.

In one of my post, last year, “The Self Defining Book” I explained how having a sketchbook is supposed to help the artist create a discipline in his skills, while it becomes a book full of resourceful ideas that could be used later for a bigger project. The sketchbook is to practice, to let go of your fears and frustrations, and simply draw. No matter how ugly or primitive it might look, it is just a sketch, an idea… a gem in the rough. I was expected to finish my sketchbook last year, instead it took me a longer time, but I got there and I’m proud of it.

Bert Dodson is a truly amazing artist. Before reading his book I thought I needed to be inspired to create. In my fake notion, I would wait for my “muse” to come, and so I thought I was a true artist. Yes! We all suffer blocks at a certain time in our artistic life; we might not feel the need to create or express ourselves in any way for years, its sad, and it can happen to the best of us. However, I have learned now, I was completely wrong.

Creation will be my inspiration to bigger things. This is the creative process: “Take something and do something to it, and then do something else to it. Keep doing this and you’ve got something” Jasper Johns.

Continuous Line Doodle (I started from upper right, where I see a shoe. Others might see something else. This is the whole point of this doodle, to continue one line after the other without lifting the pencil, in the end you have got something much bigger from where you can take ideas to an even bigger picture!!)

Continuous Line Doodle (I started from upper right, where I see a shoe. Others might see something else. This is the whole point of this doodle, to continue one line after the other without lifting the pencil, in the end you have got something much bigger from where you can take ideas to an even bigger picture!!)

"The Lock"

The Key

"The Key"

"The Ring"

"The Ring" (The pinwheel doodle. I see a ring, what do you see?)

"The Earring" (The stretched checkerboard doodle. My favorite creation out of all my doodles, "The Earring" I can see me wearing something like this.)

Because inspiration will come from anything, it does not mean I must wait for it, but that I must find it: “Inspiration is often found in the untried and the unfamiliar and sometimes in the uncomfortable” Bert Dodson.

Tea Pot

"Tea Pot" (The "Tea Pot" doodle was an exercise I did using my hand as reference and the continuous line doodle. When I had finished with it, I saw a tea pot, the one wizards and witches use!!)

Tea Pot

"The Wizard's Tea Pot" (This is what came out of it)

The Watch

"The Watch" (For some reason, I see a watch here. Later on I used it as a crown. Below is the image.)

"High Pristess"

Building Blocks Doodles

Building Blocks Doodles (from this doodles, it was pretty easy to come up with something like what I'm showing in the image below)

The Hidden Door

"The Hidden Door"

Dodson says in his book, that to be an artist one must become a stranger. These words have carved deep within me, because I often feel I am a stranger, even to myself. I’m sure we have all felt that way one time or another. We might do things we didn’t think ourselves capable of doing. Even as we grow, we are constantly learning new traits about our character, this in part, might make us feel like a stranger. However, when an artist is in his most important moment (the moment of creation) an artist becomes none existent to the world, even to himself. It is in that moment, when I believe we turn into strangers to those around us, and what I chose to interpret from Dodson’s words.

If I were to truly analyzed his words, I might find he wants me to become a loner, so that I let go of all the pressure and prejudice society puts on me, so that I can create something genuine without feeling I must hold myself back from certain things. Funny, because the word stranger carries so much mystery with it, and Dodson is asking me to lose my inhibitions. Now, do I carry that sentiment with me at all times? Do I become an outsider in my own dwelling? That sounds scary; yet, I think there lies the problem. To become a stranger, one must let go of the fear of getting to know oneself. How deep will the mind go? … Oh!

Of course, you do realize I know I’m not obsessed with art nor am I obsessed with my life. I was just being typical nonsensical me… and it gets worse, but, let us take it a step at a time.


10 thoughts on “Study of Doodles and The Stranger

  1. Brilliant doodles and how cool about what he says. I too feel that we “artists” can only “create” when the muse is with us, but I too have been proven wrong in my writing as I read somewhere something similar to do with writing exercises that lead to something, just like those cool doodles.
    You know what I see when I look at the pinwheel doodle you call the Ring? I see a group of caterpillars gathered together lol (I like caterpillars, hence why my mind probably sees that in the doodle)

    • Yes I also see caterpillars, although I was trying to go for something I could actually turn into an object later on. But caterpillars that are gathered together forming a mass eating a dead woman’s ear… or she could be alive! not a bad idea to incorporate in a drawing composition. Thank you mi amiga, you just inspired something awesome! hahaha.
      Thanks for the comment!

      Oh! and yes, it goes for writers as well. In fact, any artist… creation comes from starting something. Write, then you got a starting point… that is the idea! 😀 Not easy to acomplish though, I still struggle with the “staring point” haha.

  2. What an amazing article, truly intriguing and inspiring. And your sketches are fantastic. Art is truly a fascinating thing in that anything at a given time can inspire you to create, and to create literally anything. We see different things in things around us and react differently, draw differently. And all it takes is one tiny spark to open the flood gates to the flush of creation. Great article, thanks for sharing, this makes me want to draw now, got to find my sketchbook 🙂

    • Thank you my friend! 🙂
      Yes art is fascinating, is everywhere. Find your sketchbook and create some wonderful things and share them please hehe… I want to see 😉

  3. When I lived with a glass artist, I used to collect and save the doodles he left on the pad by the telephone. At that time, we used a stationery, antique, dial telephone so he would draw diligently. One day I showed him my favourites. For my birthday he made a “window” of the doodle I adored most – a long narrow drawing. He made two pieces out of it.

    Here’s the link to the the two etched on my heart. He named them “Telephone Series 1” and “Telephone Series 2” . Two other pieces that are mine – “Angel” and “Sailing”. I really love Angel. She becomes a hot little biker chick at certain angles:

    • Beautiful glass art Amy. I have always been very impress by glass artists as I find it something so delicate and that requires as excellent craftsmanship as it requires talent. Painting/drawing, things like that require skills, yes, like everything we do in life, but sculpting, glass art, pottery, etc, requires for the artist to have excellent craft as well as talent, and not everyone can achieve both things.
      May I say I loved your Angel more than the “Telephone Series” 🙂 I have a soft spot for wind chimes hehe.
      “Telephone Series I” was my favorite from the “Telephone Series” really amazing. Wish I was better at my craft, but all I know how to do is put furniture together hahahaha.
      Thanks for the comment!

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