My Very First Award… no speech!

Well, not one like from the Oscars anyway… haha, but certainly I must explain, since it is my nature to always do so.

Last week I was awarded with the Versatile Blogger Award by dear friend Alannah. I was really surprised since I never expect to be given any awards. It’s always something that seems kind of dreamy, fantastic… an exchange of this nature, between friends or just strangers, is always something very gratifying, and I must thank my friend from the bottom of my heart for such a nice gesture.

Alannah is a writer, and if she had not been awarded with this same award by another blogger I would have given it to her myself… (great, we can just give it back and forth to each other) Because I believe she is a true versatile blogger, and her posts –not always about vampires- are full of her charm and wit. You can check out her Blog here.

As for the rules of this game, I have to nominate 7 bloggers and link my favorite post from the author. I have to confess, I do not know 7 bloggers that I could possibly nominate. I will just nominate as many as I can… (hey! I don’t make the rules… not my fault I haven’t made friends with a bunch of bloggers 😛 )

Not in any kind of order:

TheSmellOfTeenSpirit. This blog was made by a group of artists who are trying to produce the play The Smell Of Teen Spirit, a play based on Kurt Cobain’s death. My good friend Carolina Gonzalez Lopez- Henriquez, is part of the production team and although she is not what would actually fall under “most versatile blogger” since her blog just happens to be about this one thing… I have to say I admire her as a person, and love what she is trying to do with this play. Together with a team of other artists, she is working hard in order to bring culture to Miami; for teens, for our generation, for the younger generation… I think Carolina deserves my award. If not versatile, then anything! I love her blog, her purpose, I wish her the best!!

jasmandii’s Photography. Johan Sanchez (also one of my contributors to this blog) is a photographer who just started in the business. He is very talented, and brings some extra flavor to his posts with a little bit of a story behind every shot experienced.

Everything I Need To Know, I Learned From Anime. Falahime -as I don’t know her real name. I’m sorry for that, but I just don’t go around asking people their names… maybe I should- has a very interesting blog. She compares her lives experiences with anime (Japanese animation) and… well, blogs about it. I have enjoyed reading her blog many times during the past year. Always a pleasure to find myself at a corner where I can be in touch with my nerdy side.

Las 1000 grullas. Even when it started just as a small wish of 1000 paper cranes, this blog has become more than just one wish. It is now something that puts hope in the heart of people all around the world. I admire the lady behind this blog, because when there is nothing that you can physically do for the ones you love, the only thing left is to wish and hope. The thoughts, the effort put into these thoughts, all of these requires a lot of energy and it wears you down. For Makiko (the author of this blog) the warm words of encouragement from others around the net, is what has kept her going with this beautiful gesture of love for her family and her people in Japan.
I have a post that explains in better details what the 1000 paper cranes are about, if you are curious you can read it here.

Soul Dipper. In the short time that I have met Amy, I really like what she has said in her posts. Especially her post “Simplicity-A Friend” on philosopher Eric Hoffer. I love to find rare gems, and this one is definitely one.

Now here comes the part I really don’t like much… the part I get to tell you 7 facts about me (also part of the rules… who made this up???)

I’m really bad at talking about myself… when forced… Okay, lets see, hmm:

When I was little my friends named me “fly eater”  (does not make much sence in English, I know) because I would get lost in thought and my mouth would drop open… there, very flattering don’t you think?? Still happens when I watch TV… sometimes…

I have four cats, if I could live in a house with a big yard I would have more… I love cats and I don’t care to be called cat lady.

I’m terrible at remembering things about my past that involve other people (I’m sort of narcissistic that way… it’s all about me) but I’m very good at remembering movie lines… know the whole script to You’ve Got Mail, When Harry Met Sally… okay that’s it. No but that’s pretty good considering my memory needs “tweaking”.

I love chocolate ice cream, and chocolate fudge, also chocolate pudding; but dislike any kind of chocolate cookies and chocolate cake… hmm, weird.

I have never been outside of the US but to go back to my Country. Funny, because it seems as I always talk about cultures, and arts, and things that would require some traveling at some point… definitely something on my list of things to do.

Never been to a music concert, like one of those where you can scream, and jump, and scream some more. I think of it this way: is like virginity, at this point in my life, I’m sort of saving my first rock concert experience for a very special band… yes! LUNA SEA 🙂

Really, really scared of elevators when I have to ride by myself 0.0 … I have used the stairs from the 10th floor when confronted with “the elevator alone” situation, no kidding… 12th floor? 20th? not a problem.


17 thoughts on “My Very First Award… no speech!

  1. Congratulations, Laura. Your humble attitude toward what you offer is heartwarming beyond belief. Alannah has chosen wisely, the vixen woman that she is!!

    Thanks so much for nominating Souldipper. I am indeed flattered and, I will say, you chose one of my favourite posts to mention. The Eric Hoffer post was done with so much love that it’s no wonder it caught your attention.

    Be proud of yourself, Laura. Your talent deserves recognition.

    • Thank you Amy. Again, I loved the post on Hoffer, and I was really glad I got to discover your blog. I lost my grandpa who was the one to encourage me to read this author and that other author, he would talk to me about poets and always teach me things that were very interesting as he was a very wise man… I find your blog to be an enlightenment in that sense… I hope to keep learning from you. 🙂

  2. Love the fly one (come moscas? or something like that?)
    What do the kitties look like? I love cats, absolutely adore them and it makes me very sad to know I cannot have one because I’m allergic. I get on really well with them, and I’ve been told I have cat’s eyes because they’re big and green and I can see better in the dark…meow! 🙂

    The internet nowadays makes it easier to “travel” just by sitting at home, don’t worry, one day you’ll get to travel.

    Oh and I hate lifts (elevators) as well, though I am able to get in one now, but I couldn’t as a kid. I still prefer to take the stairs…

    Never been to a gig? I’m surprised, but I totally understand the reasoning behind that. Yes, it is a great experience. My first concert was long ago, in 1983 when I went to the Orange Bowl to see The Police. It wasn’t the best experience. The band were great but the crowds were awful and it was claustrophobic to be squashed with so many people.

    That was my first and last stadium gig at the front of a crowd. Now I prefer more intimate venues, by the way, the venue for X-Japan here was originally an 800 capacity, due to ticket demand, it changed to a 2000 capacity one.

    Aw and so glad you love Amy’s Soul Dipper. She’s great 🙂

    P.S LOVE your blogroll description for my blog 🙂

  3. Come moscas, casa moscas… anything that can describe someone with a fly in their mouth hahaha!!! my friends were bad.

    Yep, always had a theory of why I would not pay to go to a concert: Don’t artist make enough money from their CDs? Like for example, I got friends who paid $400 to go see Madonna, and they paid twice… nah, I’ll pass. But when we are talking about Luna Sea and, well, J… heehee, I would like to go see them sooooooo bad! And that is one reason why I’m saving my first concert experience. I guess, to my friends Madonna was what the Luna boys are for me, so I understand now. And of course, I know there is more than just the artist getting all the money from the concert tickets… still, wouldn’t spent $800 like that! So many things to buy; books, mangas, movies… art supplies 😀

    Thanks for the comment my friend, glad you love your blog description. I amuse myself with the fact that you DO NOT always write about vampires… I find that funny. hehe. 🙂

    • Moscas…I love that word, it’s just amusing to me.

      I paid £27 ($35 approx) to go see X-Japan, and I’m broke and unemployed but it’s the opportunity of a lifetime, might be the only time they play London and I have to be there.

      Yeah, $800 is a lot of money, I could use it for other things, not on crappy Madonna ll

      Speaking of not always writing about vampires, I will eventually write about X-Japan one day…

      • I would pay $150 to see any artist I really like and think deserves it. But I wouldn’t pay to see them perform twice, and certainly not $800. 😛

        I must go to bed now, I will pray for Luna Sea to come to the States soon!!! 😀

      • I just realized I got something wrong… what you like is the blogroll description: “writing and other bloody good stuff…” hahahahaha… I love it too. 😀

        For some reason I thought you meant the description I used on the post above hehe. I’m telling you, I need help on how to focus my attention… 😛

  4. Thank you. I’ve neglected my blog, it seems; probably because I have too much “real life” and not enough anime watched lately to compare it too. But I always appreciate the fact that you read when I do post. 🙂

    • Yes I do read, not always leave comments as I tend to read from my phone and kinda awkward to comment, but love your posts on anime and life lessons 🙂
      Keep it up… pst, like you I have been neglecting my post. Must be a thing going around… as long as we enjoy it when we do it, that is what counts.
      Thanks for stopping by.

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  6. Thousands of late congratulations. I’m really happy for you and sorry I couldn’t be here earlier I congratulate you. You definitely deserve it, I don’t know much of anything about blogging but you are definitely one of my favorite writers. Now you have to repeat, keep the trophy home 🙂

    And I know what you mean about elevators. They’re the stars of some of my nightmares 😦

    • Thank you, thank you… 🙂 It was sweet Alannah who nominated me for this trophy and she is an absolutely wonderful writer, you should check out her blog as well when you have time, you will like her.

      Elevators creep me out!!! haha.

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