A Thousand Cranes

Recently, after the tragedy in Japan, a dear friend sent me the link to the blog of a wonderful lady named Makiko. Her blog is titled las 1000 grullas (A 1000 cranes) and is about following an ancient tradition. In Japan, people believe a thousand origami cranes makes your wish come true, and this goes back to a legend that says you will be granted  long life, or recovery from any illness by an origami paper crane, if you fold a thousand cranes.

A thousand cranes are held by a string and it is a common gift among family and friends. It’s traditional to gift a thousand cranes at weddings and even to hang in one’s home. It’s a wish of prosperity and a powerful good luck charm. It is also given to a new-born as a gift for wishing a long and prosperous life.

There is a sad but truly inspiring story behind the 1000 cranes. After the bombing in Hiroshima during World War II, a Japanese girl named Sadako Sasaki was dying from leukemia caused by the radiations. As a wish to be saved from death, she started making 1000 cranes, but could only fold 644 before her death. It is said that her friends completed the 1000 and buried them with her, although there is another side of the story which states that in fact Sadako finished the 1000 herself. The story of Sadako Sasaki made of the origami paper crane a world peace symbol.

Now, Makiko, a Japanese woman living in Spain,  is trying to do the same for her people in Japan while they recover from the tragedy. She wants to show them support by sending them a wish with 1000 cranes made from thousands all over the world. Makiko wants to show her people how there are many around the world that support them and wish them to be well by making us be part of her culture and participate in this ancient tradition of folding a thousand cranes.

I folded my crane and also made a video that summarizes my feelings for Japan at this moment. In part what I love most from the country (animation, music, culture… and, okay, their actors too haha) what it has given me; a lot to learn. And all of these combined with Makiko’s project, which has escalated to an exhibit in Madrid… good for you Makiko, hope your people can have things go back to normal…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The song is “Breathe” by Luna Sea

11 thoughts on “A Thousand Cranes

  1. i hope you make me a crane when i get married or i will hunt you down. aside from this i could never fold one for the life of me i think i still cant but my imagination already made more than a thousand so that alot of wishes for japan.

    • Yeah that is the only problem with the video… but you should be able to watch while you are on FB.
      I love the story of Sadako, in fact I love how in Japan there is an inspiring story behind the smallest things… like the one about this dog -which actually has a statue made and everything- that for years, if I’m not mistaken kept going to the terminal to meet his master long after his master was dead, and the Japanese were touch with that and made of the dog a hero… so touching!
      thanks for the comment my friend.

      Hmmm… I smell another post coming! hahaha

    • Wow, that is awesome, I’m glad you could watch the video 😀 I put a lot of time into making it… sigh! But sometimes, its hard to upload stuff because of a lot of issues which I’m not mentioning here… hehe…
      Thanks for the comment!!! 🙂

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