The Smell Of Teen Spirit

My good friend Carolina and her boyfriend, Abiram Brizuela, together with a group of wonderful artist have put together a play in commemoration of Kurt Cobain’s death. The play, titled The Smell Of Teen Spirit was written by Karin Valecillos, and is directed by Abiram. Everyone is very excited about this project, however, $20,000 is needed to fund it.

I wanted to share with my readers what my friends have been up to. I’m proud to be a part of the excitement, even when I’m just a fraction of it. These guys have put together something very special and it deserves to be noticed. They have done it, not just as fans of Kurt, but for passion, for honor, for the love of freedom.

The main thing here is not just for you to give money, but for you to support in any way possible, be it by donating or by spreading the word. Spreading the word is in fact one of the most powerful ways of supporting a project, because with it comes the money that is need it to fund it. I would love for my readers to spread the word, and/or donate if possible. But please, spread the word, spread, spread, spread… if you are not a fan of Kurt (wait? how did you get here then?? hmm) then, perhaps your friend is? Yes? Thank you in advance to everyone. I hope this project makes it!!!!!

“It’s not for charity, it’s not for us, it’s for Kurt!”

Here are the links; TheSmellOfTeenSpirit ; very cool video even if you don’t donate watch it!!! Thank you 🙂


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