Black Sheep

So strangely enough, today started quite smooth. I got to stay in bed until 7am, walked my pet lion and made it to school by 9, and I even found a decent parking spot. Class went by pretty fast, but that’s because I was playing robot defense on my phone which in my opinion helped a bit. So I start the gym again this week since last week I took my first math test of the semester. I spend a full week studying for it freaking out and stuff. I do the test last Friday and I felt confident that  I would at least get a C, but boy was I wrong. I come home happy as can be after working on my fitness ( I sleep better) and I find out that my Nerd Herd Shirt arrived in the mail today. I try it out and it fits which makes me supper happy.

But then, darkness over comes in the form of an email  “Exam 1 results are up”. I log on to check my score and then it happens. I failed my damn test, not even a 50 out of 100. I got a 47. Funny thing was that I became aware that I had some wrong answers in the middle of the test. I couldn’t prove it, but I could feel it in my gut that I knew the answers. Now I feel like crap, I have only 3 more chances to pass this class or I fail, and I seriously cant have that. Damn.

Anyhow,  today’s post name comes from: Scott pilgrim vs the world.

PS. Can anyone draw me this? Just her silhouette, I want to make her into my logo.


4 thoughts on “Black Sheep

  1. My friend, need not to ask about the drawing, however, there is plenty of talent in this Blog, from Bless to my friend Johan and of course yourself. I’m wondering why is it you want someone else to draw you a picture of it?

    About your test, man! that sucks… good luck with the class. I hope you pass. I know how hard it can, I was there last semester. :/

  2. I’m to lazy to draw it really on top of the fact that my drawing skills are a little dead from not practicing my mind is all messed up so the creative flow has been dead for little bit.

  3. Wow, that blows. I had that happen to me a few times so I know how hard that can ruin a day. I hope you pass the rest of your stuff.

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