Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Here is another band I will give anything I have to go listen to LIVE!! Yeah!

I never really got around to post many rock songs like I would have wanted to. On the other hand, the month of December of last year is full with Luna Sea’s videos (rock… rock) I feel like I could have shared many, many, rock songs I enjoy every day, but ran out of time while watching dramas and anime… but here is a list of many other things I never got around to do and yet… there is so much time, I am the one who is running:

Never traveled around the world as I said I would before the age of 30. I didn’t move to New York; didn’t enjoy having cosmopolitans with crazy/sexy/intellectual/girlfriends. I didn’t meet the prince of England (my mother’s dream); did not marry a wealthy man (again… mom!) and never really cared. I did not -most definitely NOT- meet Lestat, hahaha. Did not go to a Michael Jackson concert; now, I never will. Never became number one at anything, except giving my opinion and sticking to it! Never saw the sunset while sailing on a nice Caribbean beach; Did not become a police officer (childhood dream), and definitely not a nun (another childhood dream… crazy). And ultimately did not clean my house like I said I would over the weekend… yes, this is me still.

For the last post of the month, and as a gift from me to all of those rock and roll fans out there (the ones that happen to stumble upon this blog) I will share my favorite rock song of all times. Question: Is there a difference between favorite rock and roll song and favorite song, when both are rock? I wonder. Yet, I can differentiate the two. What about you?

The Rolling Stones, “Sympathy For The Devil”

Don’t you just love rock? 🙂

Here is the song LIVE… now I see why they say Axl Rose brought back the Stone feeling;

UPDATE- Oops! Got carried away listening to the Stonies and now it has officially become the first post for February instead of the last post for January… damn it! 😉


6 thoughts on “Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

  1. I have a laundry list of stuff I haven’t done in my lifetime, it sucks thinking back but I guess that just life. Curse anime for being so awesome 🙂

    And great song. Weirdly enough, this played on the radio when I was in the car with my dad not too long ago. I think we’re starting to have a bit of a wavelength 🙂

    • Damn, this song played on the radio the other night!!! HAHA, how crazy is that? Maybe it was the same station we were listening to, I don’t know. But yes! CURSE ANIME!!!

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