My Reality

Today is one day I will remember for the rest of my life. Because today I have acknowledged the most important thing; today I am living my dreams. Truth is, it was the comment of a reader that recently made me realize we are so stuck up in our own perceptions of life, we don’t stop to notice is not that we can’t reach our dreams, is that we have already done so. Why? Is it because we are selfish in nature? Yeah, all that philosophical stuff sounds a little too outdated. But really, why? Perhaps is because we are able to acknowledge dreams for what they really are, unattainable; so when we are capable of achieving them, suddenly that which was so far from existing does not seem like what we dreamed of. Is like my theory of sexual fantasies; I tell people a sexual fantasy exists in our minds and should never be fulfilled. If it is fulfilled, then, it will no longer be a “fantasy”.

I’m thinking if I have been neglecting myself all these time. If in reality I have had the power to make my life exactly what I wanted it to be –within the possibilities, as we are not God- and live without having to think of what I did not do. I’m thinking if I have been putting too much pressure on myself to become this or that sort of person, when in reality, all along I have been that sort of person. When all along, I have been fulfilling my desires; I have been doing what I wanted to do. Today I have made a promise to myself; this year I will stop dreaming. I will come into full awareness of my present, and acknowledge it for what it is, my reality.

Okay so I was just being nonsensical for the fun of it, I truly hope my feelings are not as hard to understand as they are weird.

To start the year, I have a beautiful song to share, and I hope it inspires everybody because it sure has inspired me. I first heard this song in the movie Notting Hill, it was love at first sight.

I was just going to share the song, however, on my way home I kept thinking what a shame it would be not to share one of the most romantic endings EVER.

“She” version by Elvis Costello;

A quick note before I’m off; I’m pretty happy with the results of this Blog. I’m not popular, I don’t receive much attention as I would want, but overall I’m pleased with the outcome of this Blog. When I first started, I didn’t realized it was going to be this hard to keep up, yet it always seemed like it was so easy… From now on, I will have another writer posting on this Blog along with me. I’m happy to share my space with someone, I was not born to be alone although I preach of being a loner. And, of course, is always a good thing to bring a different perspective into your world. I only wish that together, we continued to entertain and touch the heart of those, our readers.


7 thoughts on “My Reality

  1. wow, u just pulled me out of my thoughts …thats is something i like about u, u actually go down to words where i never wanted to express myself…the feelings and emotions which have nothing to do with outer world but now i think that its not gender , religion , culture or demographic point of view, its more of a person’s persona.

    what i am or you are irrespective of places , situations or view points…

    Quite Touchy..hmm

    • Thanks Mark, for your comment. I was actually reflecting a lot yesterday and even when many think it was sort of a gloomy day for me as I was sporting my sad look all around, I think it was an incredible day to start the year with. Saturday and Sunday don’t count sort of, since it was the weekend.
      Again, thanks for your comment. 🙂

  2. “She” is a great song, If I’m correct and the original song was sang by Charles Aznavour though don’t quote me on that.

    Doesn’t matter how many people read or not read a blog, what matters is that you enjoy writing here and the people come slowly, it takes time. I rather have 10 people who really like my blog, than 100 who only glance at it in passing. It’s like having just 3 good friends, as opposed to 100 acquaintances 🙂

    I used to stress out about what to write, now I just write about whatever comes to my head, your’e excellent at writing about the things you love and that passion is what makes a blog good.

    You know, as I type this, my eyes just looked to the right and I love that image of Ergo Proxy…that boy has great hair lol.

    • Yeah Vincent Law has great anything, he is the closest thing to J when it comes to anime characters. Only thing is that Vincent has green eyes and J’s are blue, but that is not that important right? Anyway, I’ll send you some pictures of Vincent so you know what I’m talking about.

      Thank you for the comment, I love blogging and I can never look at it as a failure even if it were (which is not) because I have met you and we have become good friends. I have learned a lot things since I started this blog and that is what I love most of all. 🙂

    • Oh! and about the song you are right. It’s rare for me to like versions of the original, but this time around, I prefer David Costello’s. I have heard the one by Charles, he sings beautiful as well.

      • Vincent is gorgeous. I have green eyes too. Did you know it’s one of the rarest eye colours for some reason?

        Oh yes, J has pretty blue eyes and we know how pretty they are 😉

        I feel the same about blogging. It’s been wonderful to meet like minded people like you. Hope one day, we find ourselves at a Luna Sea gig 🙂

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