10 Top Failures This Year

This year I –like many other years-  started an innumerable amount of good projects but never finished them for one reason or the other. Mostly because I am lazy. That is the biggest reason I have, and being not an excuse, it is not a good reason. But I am, I’m very lazy, one of the biggest capital sins out of the seven. Perhaps this post will be helpful so that I understand the seriousness of my indiscipline to follow through and so that I get it together next year. At this rate, I will never feel like I have completely grown up as a woman… then again, who ever feels that way?

(This is exactly what I do the whole day when laziness takes over)

I have read through the list, and out of all the projects, only two feel like total failure because the reason behind its incompletion is not –for once- laziness. So we can quickly go through the ones that were commonly left undone due to my own faults;

10. Run a mile each day… there was always tomorrow for me.

9. Keep my car ALWAYS clean… what? It only takes two hours of the month (time is precious)

8. Not be late for work (It was more of a challenge than a project… failed)

7. Be more organized (No Comment)

6. Make recipe scrap-book (Are you kidding me? I didn’t even have time to learn how to cook properly. I got a slowcooker as a gift and forget it! Everything gets done just fine)

5. Build bedroom furniture (I love building things and as a way to save money, thought I could build my own set of nightstand and drawers. My dear boyfriend was supposed to join in the project, but two procrastinators are the worse things that can ever come together)

4. Keep in touch (I tried my best)

3. Work more on my book… didn’t happen… next…

Up to this point, all of these projects were victims of my laziness. The next two projects are the ones that really bothered me not being able to successfully complete them. Like I said, laziness was not the issue. It was out of my hands;

2. Blog original idea. For this Blog, the original idea was to have more than one author (including me) I wanted to be able to build a corner where others could come and write about whatever they felt like it, as long as it was something original and thought-provoking. I wanted to have friends joining me in this quest of sharing knowledge (whatever little we have). It didn’t quite work. What was intended to be a team of authors started as a single author and guest writers Blog. As of now, I still welcome my friends to write on it, and although there has not been anything from them for months now, I appreciate all they post in the past and I’m very thankful that they were able to share a little bit of their world with mine.

What happened? Well, everybody has their own set of “projects” and goals to accomplish. Everyone is busy with their lives and this is more than understandable. I completely respect that. I think, however, that this is not the main reason for its failure. I think in order for me to have accomplished this, I needed to really focus on what was essential for the project to be a success. For one thing, I can’t just ask anyone (not even if they are good friends) because not anyone can share all of my interests. For this kind of thing to work, I need to have someone who first of all, truly enjoys writing, even if their skills aren’t that good, mine sure aren’t. Then, this person has to like at least three of the things I talk about the most here; animation, films, music. Not everyone is going to write about movies, its kind of boring at times because you are not free to create, you have to talk about something that has already been created. Animation, how many of my friends like animation? Probably one or two on the surface, but do they really enjoy it as much as me? No. Music, we all like music, so this is not a problem, the problem is what kind of music.

Not to drag the subject much, I will end saying that as much as I wanted this to work, right now I am enjoying the fact that it can be just me.

1. Kenshin-mania. Not being able to complete this project has really bothered me the most this year. At the beginning, it wasn’t as big as it turned out to be. I was just going to write my thoughts on the manga. But when I started to read the manga (not first time reading it) I noticed there were many cool things to talk about. One of them is the meaning of ronin, which I actually did post, but there are other things; The Shinsengumi; The story behind the characters; Comparing Kaoru to Faye; The author; The mystery behind Kenshin’s red hair… etc.

What happened? School happened. No, not just school, but MATH happened. As I was drowning in my own incapability to do algebra, I was losing sight of my precious wave man, whom I thought had come back into my life to stay for as long as I wanted. Well, the obsession or addiction -whatever you want to call it- was brief; at least that is a good thing, right?

Here are the links for the Kenshin-mania posts if interested;

Obsession or Addiction?

Wave Man


8 thoughts on “10 Top Failures This Year

  1. First of all, a virtual hug, because it sounds as if you need it. Life is what happens when you make plans. I know that too well and I’ve had my fair share of failures, including spending 2 years writing a novel I ended up unhappy with, and now, I have to re-start, something I’ve still not done…sigh

    I am so glad I found your blog, and got to read about the things you love, because you’ve given me something to smile about in the past few days. Not feeling very well in many way…I’ll send you a quick email with a link that I’d never found if it wasn’t for you.

    Hope you continue with this blog 🙂

    • Awww, thank you, sweetest comment ever, no that I get many of those hahaha. I agree with what you said; “life happens when you make plans”. Next year main goal will be to focus on the essentials and go for it!
      I will continue this blog, is the only thing I have that I can say its all my doing whether is good or bad is all mine.
      Thank you for supporting me! 🙂

  2. Yeah, I think everyone is like that. I sure am. I don’t keep a note of all of the plans and projects I want to do but if o had an opportunity to look back I’m certain I’ve caught at least 90 L’s in the past few years alone.

    Strangely enough, when I went to your Contact page to fish out your email to send you my drawing, I saw that you wanted more writers. I gave it a lot thought, I’d love to write alongside you. With as much time as I spend here it’d certainly be an honor to join you. I’m not exactly a “motivated” person though so I don’t know how many new things I could bring to your table. I have a passion for writing, though more often than not I can think of something to write about. If you don’t mind me coming up blank a lot of times, would you give me a chance? 🙂 (*here’s a man you doesn’t do a good job of selling himself*)

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