Today I will talk strictly about art. I will posts some of the stuff I have been working on for the past couple of days. I have never said this on any of my post -I guess I never felt the need to since there is nothing really worth stealing- but this time around I feel like I should at least mention that this here is my work and as unprofessional as it might seem, it is base for later improvement… point is, NO STEALING. You may download, use it as reference -heck I used photographs as reference- but absolutely no stealing. Credit is all mine -when it comes to the drawings, that is.

I have been working on the male character of my story for a while now. I fist drew a portrait of him -based on Korean actor So Ji-Sub- very realistic (you can check it out here) Then I went ahead and drew this -still, based on another picture of Ji-Sub- and the aim was to be as realistic as possible, however others may differ on that. Nevertheless, I am very pleased with the overall drawing and although it’s not finished yet -I need to work on the hands and the collar of the jacket- I think the attempt to be realistic was pretty successful. (I’m open for critic)

(All That Weight, Oz, graphite on Bristol)

The original idea of drawing Oz, was to be able -at some point- to draw him comic style (when I say comic I mean non-realistic. Most will say it is not comic, but manga since I drew him Japanese comic style, but it is comic overall). A few days after I did the two realistic drawings of Oz, I gathered the courage to draw comic style, however the results weren’t as pleasing as I was expecting. There were more unsuccessful tries, and finally a light of hope shined on me. I forgot about Oz for a little while and made a transition from realistic to non-realistic looking at a photograph of me and some friends from school. Of course, that there are many things I need to work on, like the eyes and some of the proportions are not right -particularly in the middle girl. However, none of these things mattered to me at that moment. I was completely, and utterly happy.

(rough sketch of me and friends comic style)

This was the open door that I was waiting for. I didn’t stopped there, so I went and started drawing Oz once again, this time I was successful.

(rough sketch of Oz; All That Weight. The one on the right was attempting to do an expression of frustration and anger, although it looks like he is surprised so we can’t really say it was all that successful, but oh… why does it feels like it was? Haha πŸ™‚ )

(rough sketches again; Oz sad and then crying… tears are the biggest pain in the… you get my point)

It is amazing what can change within a few days of practicing. I never thought I would do comic style. Any other drawing (comic style) that I have posted before, has been a copy of someone’s art. Let me explain better (that didn’t sound right). It is always much more easy to draw from something that has already been created, like a photograph, or -in this case- an image of a comic, a manga character; Fujimoto from Ikigami is one example of what I’m talking about (you can check it out here) This drawing I did of Fujimoto, even when it required some time and patience, it was no real pain since the image had already been created by the manga-kan of the series, Mase Motoro. Nevertheless it was a challenge for different reasons. Now, if you were to use the photograph only as reference for something else, then you are creating something new, and it requires more work. Like in the case of the second drawing above, I did use a picture of me and my friends as reference but we don’t look nothing like the drawing, it was just for reference in composition and lightning.

This is what I expect when I push myself to do better. Although there will always be room for improvement, as we are constantly learning new skills and techniques. Nevertheless I am pleased with what have accomplished so far. I will end it here. I, my friends, am burned out… πŸ˜›


Just a note- Oz is always sad, yep! I call him “sad eyes”… so cute. πŸ™‚




10 thoughts on “Transition

  1. Very nice. I used to draw but stopped a long time ago. I may take it up again though writing is taking most of my time right now. Think my favourite drawing is the last one. Very expressive…

    • Thank you Agatha… boy I’m late for work. :/
      I’m glad you like the drawings. Yes, it is also one of my favorites, the last one and the one where he is surprised and angry or is it frustrated and angry??? Don’t even know anymore hahaha. πŸ™‚

  2. Oh. My. God.

    These are utterly amazing. I think the frustrated one looks like a mix of shock and frustration so I consider it a success. That one is my favorite, along with the first one. So much detail, so much color (pronouncing of it I mean, very dark and very expressive). You are a Goddess when you draw πŸ˜€ keep up the great work!

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