Kimi, Meguru Boku

I recently finished watching the Korean version of Itazura na Kiss. Despite what most people say about it, I thought it was lovely. The reason why I post about it? Because it’s from a manga first made into a drama, then an anime, then a drama once again… or is it the other way around? Okay as far as I know it was a manga by Kauro Tada, sadly the author died in 1999 and the manga wasn’t quite finished. Nevertheless it became so popular that a drama followed the manga, and then there was the anime in 2008. The theme song for the anime is one of my favorite songs right now, “Kimi, Meguru Boku”… and main reason for this post. 🙂 There, I have explain fully.

Details?; Itazura na Kiss is about a girl (Kotoko) who has a huge crush on the handsome-perfect-genius Naoki. One day she finally decides to confess her feelings by writing him a love letter, only to be rejected and made a fool -in public… Gosh! I hated him- by Naoki, he tells her he dislikes stupid girls. True, Kotoko is not the smartest girl around, but her luck -although a little twisted- compensates for that. A minor earthquake destroys her house, and while is rebuilt, she and her father have to live with her father’s best-friend who has two sons, the eldest happens to be Kotoko’s senior at school… yep! Insufferable Naoki. You can only imagine all sorts of  hilarious incidents start happening from there on.

While watching the latest version (the Korean drama Mischievous Kiss) I went back and re-watched the anime to refresh my memory. I had forgotten what lovely theme song it has. What can I say? I have been listening to the song almost everyday now. Yep!! I am way hooked on this one. And I thought “Kiri” was the only anime theme song that would obsess me… The song is by Motohiro Hata, and it was the first to reach the top 20 hit -form the artist, I mean.

I think this song opened his doors. It’s very refreshing and adorable, it makes you want to smile all the way.

Here is the song with video;

Lyrics in Romaji (couldn’t find it in English)

Kimi, Meguru Boku.

Deai to sayonara kaze no naka de hashagu haru no hi ni wa
PASTERU KARAA mo odori dasu yo sa monogatari ga hajimaru

Sugusama boku wa kimi no moto e tobidashite iku no sa
Matteite yo hanayagu machi o ima kakenukete iru

Itazura ni karamaru unmei bokura zutto sagashitetanda
soshite ima futari de aeta kitto guuzen nanka ja nai
Kono mama soba ni ite hoshii

Usubeni iro mai chiru kimi no hoo o somete ikutabi mo meguru
Kimi ga suki da yo tokimeku MERODI ga umare te kuru kara

Tawamure ni hana mo saku kisetsu ni bokura mada tsubomi no mama de
Dakedo ima shinjite iru no kimi o shin de mo hanasa nai
Fukiareru arashi ni mo make nai

Futari umareru sono mae kara
kou naru koto wa kimatte ita no

Itazura ni karamaru unmei bokura zutto sagashi te ta n da
Soshite ima futari de aeta kitto guuzen nanka ja nai

Itsu made mo soba ni ite hoshii


6 thoughts on “Kimi, Meguru Boku

  1. Ah, what a great song to start your day to! Thanks for posting, I think this makes my day just | | <— that much sunnier. Oh, and the girl reminds me of when I'm bowling—just… just horrible 🙂

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