Post Of The Month, Metrosexuality, The Modern Masculinity

It was no surprise to me that “Metrosexuality, The Modern Masculinity” would be the post of the month for October. Somehow I feel it should have been something about Halloween and not something about sexual metropolitan men with a gay complex… that was a joke, although it might not really sound like one.

Anyway, moving on… after all that has been discussed in “Metrosexuality, The Modern Masculinty”, I still have my own opinion on what a metrosexual really is. I mean, based on the full meaning of the word -a man with similar attributes to a homosexual, like going shopping, getting pedicure, manicure, etc- I think people just give the term to any man that wants to look decent. That brings to my attention the question of whether we have lower our standards when it comes to the appearance of a person and whats appropriate. I remember I once when to a wedding ceremony and there where people in jeans and shorts just because it was the ceremony and not the reception. I can’t help but think that these people are the same ones that label a man in a suite as a metrosexual. Or even more (not to be so exaggerating) a man who simply likes to groom himself and look good without going to the extreme of actually wearing make-up and other woman-like products.

For this post in particular I had already thought of posting just pictures of those I think are indeed metrosexual, and those who are just… well not metrosexual; please, that we all like to groom ourselves a little and it has nothing to do with homosexuality. Okay, here is where it gets good (ladies):

David Beckham. Yes! He is Metrosexual. These are pictures in where he is modeling his Metrosexuality (in other words, hot body)

Okay, so David I still see as a man who just likes to groom himself more than a little. But nothing screams feminine to me, so this kind of metrosexual I can handle. πŸ˜‰

So these two awesome guys here are obviously looking very metrosexual to me; American Psycho was the embodiment of a metrosexual, and Ben Stiller wearing a purple jacket? Lipstick? Mascara? Totally gay, I mean, metrosexual. Hehe.

Man-skirt is in style now… SIGH!!!… SIGH!!!…I’m probably the most ignorant person in the world right now, but that’s okay.

A Japanese band, also the guy on the bottom left is adorable, he is also an actor his name is Kamenashi Kazuya and I just love him in Yamato Nadeshiko Shinche Henge. That aside, are they metrosexual? Nah…. they are just Japanese boys. Haha, maybe I’m going soft because of Kazuya. πŸ˜‰

This guy here is not metrosexual anymore, he is just crossing over. In my opinion, this is just way to much… whatever happened to admitting that you are actually gay? No offense to all the fans of Bae Yong Joon, but this type of metrosexuality is kind of confusing.

Brad’s hair cut is called retrosexual, and I love it! Masculinity is my thing. If you look masculine I don’t care what color lipstick your wearing. I want to be next to a man that looks like a man, not a man that looks like a woman. Although if you look cute like my boy Kazuya, then that’s another story, haha. πŸ˜›

Alright, enough of the prejudice, lets have a little fun; Next is a picture of the South Park boys fighting over who looks more gay.



6 thoughts on “Post Of The Month, Metrosexuality, The Modern Masculinity

  1. I loved that South Park pic…lol

    The boys I tend to like (okay, they’re men but you know I love to call them boys hee hee) aren’t really masculine. Okay, I’ll explain, they still look like men, but they’re pretty.

    Beckham is not my cup of tea, though I agree he is a very handsome man but he’s a bit too buff, I prefer skinnier men. I share his bloody bday, actually, it is MY bday since I’m older than him…meh πŸ˜‰

    Brad Pitt is also a great looking man, but he doesn’t do it for me either. (not even as Louis in Interview with the Vampire, there, I was actually fancying Tom Cruise as Lestat lol)

    That pretty Jared we were talking about, he’s more my cup of tea with the gorgeous blue eyes. I adore big pretty blue eyes. (where is that cold bucket of water again..)

    …oh and Kamenashi Kazuya, he is a cutie indeed. Not really familiar with Japanese bands/actors but I can see why you think he’s adorable.

    • Well I’m actually more attracted to what you are attracted as well. But I still want to see some masculinity in the man, I’m not sure how to explain it. For example in the original post I have a picture of a Korean actor Lee Byung-hun, well that is my type of guy. Masculine but not Cowboy-like looking like David and Brad, that keep that thing which is so particular of western men. My boyfriend (I have said this before in one of my first post) can look Asian, I guess some people seem to think so, but he is not. I don’t see Asian in him, I guess is all that hairy chest ( I love it) and of course, he definitively has no Asian in his heritage whatsoever.

      My type of guy (I have a soft spot for Asians) Takeshi Kaneshiro, Lee Byung-hun… take a look at my 10 Top Asian Actors video if you have time then you’ll see what I mean. Although there are some that are not as masculine as these two first mentioned, hehe, those are “the cute” ones. Jared Leto is hot, don’t care if wears eye-liner. As I said before, that type of guy -to me- is more punk or gothic or both, than metrosexual.

      Thanks for your comment Agatha. πŸ™‚

  2. Very nice video, just watched it. I’d have to say that first photo b & w pic of Takeshi Kaneshiro…as Wil Smith says in Men in Black: DAMN

    • Damn, why can’t he be mine? 😦 Hahahahaha, that’s what I thought the first time I saw Takeshi. he is adorable and hot at the same time, while keeping the masculinity I so look for. Well, I must say “the first time I saw him” happened before my boyfriend. You know… I still want to get married so the whole hotness-metrosexual-asian-cowboy conversation is over for me!!! sigh! haha.

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