He looked young, probably in his mid twenties. His complexion was pale, perhaps even more so because of the contrast of his dark hair which was pulled back in a ponytail, very untidy. The oval shape of his face softened his masculine features; prominent cheekbones and a strong shin, this gave him some sort of elegance. Dark eyes, thick eyebrows, and full lips; no doubt, he was very handsome. The sort of face that could not be missed in a crowd.

Portrait done after So Ji-sub, a Korean actor.



7 thoughts on “Oz

  1. Per usual you made his eyes look absolutely amazing. His hair is very layered and textured as well. I love the way you drew the lips and the way you shaded. Top notch, I’d expect nothing less from you.

    • Yes, thank you my friend. I was beginning to miss your comments, you have spoiled me hehehehe.
      I’m very pleased with this drawing, I think it is much better than previous portraits that I have done. I can definitely see the progress.

      • Yeah I’m trying to visit as much as possible.

        You should be proud of this, it’s amazing. I can reciprocate what you said about my newest piece, you are improving on your talents as well. Keep up the great work.

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