Goodbye, Most Treasured Memories.

Goodbye to summer, and the beautiful and intensively hot days I said I would spend at the beach but never got around to it; and goodbye to the hot nights I would not go out to the terrace for fear of encountering bugs -those were surely not treasured. Goodbye to Chinese takeout and the oh so tasty General Tao that has added a few more pounds to my so hated little bump; and goodbye to the addictive bagel bites every night after work, as it might just be the real cause for my waist increase. Goodbye to the beautiful flowers on the Flamboyant tree that sits right outside my kitchen window; there is no Autumn in Florida. Goodbye to the laziness and commonness of the day by day routines that will be broken with the traditional preparations and festivities the end of the year brings; oh how I dread the holidays, it only means things are coming to an end. But maybe that is just me being pessimistic. Goodbye to my favorite pair of shoes; those which I keep refusing to throw away despite the evidently necessity to buy new ones. And goodbye, more than anything, to my sweet grandmother Melba; who taught me the comfort that lies in doing good. My grandmother, who asked me not to look back and say goodbye when we parted, believing we would one day meet again. That is the last image I have of her. Most treasured memories are often lonely ones.

Bach’s Prelude No.1  in C Major (piano);


6 thoughts on “Goodbye, Most Treasured Memories.

    • Hello Agatha. Thank you for stopping by, and thank you for your comment. More than anything, I will never forgive myself for not giving her a proper goodbye hug, as I will never have that chance now.

  1. I understand. I never got to say goodbye to my grandmother. If it’s any comfort, I am sure she knew how much you loved her. I believe souls are with us always.

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