Top Post, The Self Defining Book

The post with the most view per day last month was “The Self Defining Book”. Certainly not one of my best posts, but I’m glad it’s something different from the usual post on music. The post was generally about how much I have progress in my art, and that I have become more determined than ever to fulfill my dreams; that is, to finish my story and present it whether as fiction novel or graphic novel. I still want to be able to create and give life to characters, it is the most wonderful feeling I have experienced to this point (I am not a mother yet).

Even when I did not mention Klimt on this post but in “Lilium”, I thought it would be great if I could share some of Klimt’s paintings -definitely my favorite ones from the artist.

I have mentioned how intriguing I find Klimt. Four things come to mind every time I see his paintings;

1. He loved the woman figure.

2. He was  obsess with  serpents, mermaids, and anything that could resemble a woman’s figure under water.

3. He was also obsess (and probably more than with anything else) with the phallic shape. I know there is a deeper meaning in each of his paintings, which is the reason why he was a symbolist. But I can’t help not to think about it, perhaps I’m the one who is obsess with it, it intrigues me to no point. I also think about it as a sort of  tray in his paintings; heads bending, hands folding, bodies bending, couples embracing… etc.

4. “Power” was obviously a predominant characteristic. (The femme fatale, the phallic shape, gold, life and death, all of these things make reference to power in some way or the other.)

My favorite of all the favorite… the number one on my list is Judith II… I have a list for almost everything. I said it before, how I tend to be very particular about a lot of things in my life. (Sigh)

Judith II


The Lovers

From here on, I don’t have an order. Just love them all in equal measures.

Three Ages of Woman




3 thoughts on “Top Post, The Self Defining Book

  1. Wow, what fantastic paintings. Like I said before I hadn’t Heard of Mr. Klimt before the Lilium-reference but seeing these shots has me intrigued. What an amazing and interesting artist. Judith II and Medicine are definitely my favorites.

  2. I don’t know much about “Art”. But I remember seeing these paintings on a movie”Dieing Young” starring Julia Roberts.

    How beautiful they are. If I remember the artists name is Klimt Gustav.

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