The Professor’s Rant

I have no idea how I ran into this, but wait! I do. Okay, so here is the story in like three sentences. I’ve been looking for The Professor’s Rant classical music that comes on the Sims 3 game. Apparently there is no other Professor’s Rant than Pachelbel Rant. I’m persistent, so I kept on looking and came up with a video of a guy ranting on Pachelbel Rant. Phew! That was tight.

So Rob Paravonian is his name, and he is a comedian with a talent for music. I don’t want to say what I know about him since it will come out on the video. I just wanted to share this tonight. Rob’s rant on music, Pachelbel’s way.


3 thoughts on “The Professor’s Rant

  1. Ha, that was really hilarious. Pachelbel really hates cellists. I sympathize, i hate fading into the background while every other instrument owns. Good find, thanks for sharing.

      • I liked that too. I don’t really understand musical composition much myself, but from what I’ve played in group in the past, it’s hard to adjust when you are purely playing background notes. You get drowned out by the rest of the instruments which kind of sucks.

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