The Time Spent Thinking

It feels like it has been ages since I last wrote in this waxy blog of mine, and it has only been a week more or less. Oh! How I have missed the excitement of putting all your effort into writing something you care about or that interests you, to later be satisfied with comments from those two or three loyal followers who claim your stuff to be great and interesting but in reality they seem to not realize they have been tricked into believing it is. Even if it doesn’t sound right, its so gratifying for me. And I’m so thankful.

Yes, I think this feeling of satisfaction has obsesses me somehow. Now I must admit, I have fallen victim of my own blog. I’m obsess with it, I wouldn’t go a week without having to post something… I wouldn’t, I couldn’t. However, these past few days I have been meaning to post more than just one thing; there is the “Lilium” song; the hoarders issue; and the question of whether there is such a thing as fate. All of these things that have been hovering over my head for quite sometime now, and I write essays about it on my mind continuously but lack the time/desire (too tired to want to do anything) to put it down on paper. This is what I call, the time spent thinking.

Good thing is, I have taken some time off from my responsibilities and I have managed to scape the routine of my everyday life to sit in front of my computer and write some meaningless posts in hopes of bringing some light and maybe darkness (can’t always agree with everyone) into the lives of those my followers, and the ones that just happen to pass by.

Meanwhile I will share this wonderful song from The Cranberries which was inspiration for my drawings at school for this week; “Dreams”.

Just a thought on this great band: The Cranberries are the type of band that intrigues me. I heard “Dreams” first on My So-Called Life and loved it, then I heard “Linger” on the radio and loved it, but never new it was from the same band. So when I did realized I like more than just one song from this band it was a total surprise, a good one too.

Here is the video and lyrics;


Oh, my life is changing everyday,

In every possible way.
And oh, my dreams, it’s never quite as it seems,
Never quite as it seems.

I know I’ve felt like this before, but now I’m feeling it even more,
Because it came from you.
And then I open up and see the person falling here is me,
A different way to be.

Ah, la da ah…

I want more impossible to ignore,
Impossible to ignore.
And they’ll come true, impossible not to do,
Impossible not to do.

And now I tell you openly, you have my heart so don’t hurt me.
You’re what I couldn’t find.
A totally amazing mind, so understanding and so kind;
You’re everything to me.

Oh, my life,
Is changing every day,
In every possible way.

And oh, my dreams,
It’s never quite as it seems,
‘Cause you’re a dream to me,
Dream to me.

Ah, da, da da da, da, la…


5 thoughts on “The Time Spent Thinking

    • And we have come to a mutual understanding today!!! Haha, just kidding, I did understood your post.
      I like this song a lot, can’t get enough of it. Still thinking of “Dust In The Wind”. It’s kinda weird.

  1. Good to have you back. How has your class been going?

    Thank you for sharing another very beautiful song. I’ve never heard of this band before but this song has definitely gotten me interested.

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