Top Post, Turning of Age

This will be the third month that I continue with this Top Post thing. I’m sort of a competitor in character, I hope this makes it as an excuse as to why I insist to re-post every month my so-called Top Post. Either way, this time was a surprise; “Turning of Age” had the most views per day, and so it became the number one for last month. I don’t know if it was the music, or the context. However, it was truly a surprise for me since I tent to ramble about the stupidest things sometimes when posting music. That, we can attribute to a lack of concentration and discipline to write a proper article for whatever music its chosen, and to the fact that I cannot express with sufficient words what its on my mind, but rather tend to just go on and on about something or other. Maybe I need a class in how to summarize my thoughts. Is there such thing?

And I have done it again… Oh well!

Like I said in the original post, The music for Pride and Prejudice was composed by Dario Marianelli, and Italian composer. He has worked with the same director (of Pride and Prejudice) in other two movies, Atonement, and The Soloist. Marianelli won an Oscar for best original score, for Atonement. This is no surprise, since his music is something that can easily transport you to a fantastic place. There, I said it in the most simple way possible, and that is all I need. Because, this man, is really one of the best contemporary composers for films out there, I don’t need to embellish his work with big words, his music can do that alone.

Of course, Dario Marianelli couldn’t have done it alone. The pianist… again, the amazing pianist behind the melody is Jean-Yves Thibaudet. A Chevalier of the Orders  Arts and Letters (l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres) who’s a veteran in the film industry himself. He has performed for, The Portrait of a Lady, Atonement, and other movies. This man, has more than forty recordings under the British label Decca Records, and has recorder numerous compositions, by famous composers like; Debussy, Chopin, Richard Strauss, Rachmaninoff (who was a pupil of one of my most adored composers, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky) and the influential music critic Schumann, among others. He makes me look back in my life now, and remember how much I wanted to learn the piano. I think its a good thing I didn’t, I have no ear for music.

Now, about the movie;  I have to say, no matter what critics say about it, it is the one and only version of the original novel that I like. One of the last scenes, when Darcy is walking towards Elizabeth to confess his love for the second time, and the music plays in the background, and everything seems so magical; I think this is the one thing that bound me to the movie, and the reason why it is one of my most watched films throughout my life. Pride and Prejudice, the best love story I have ever read.

Here is a music video with many of the scores from the film, enjoy;

And here is my most favorite romantic scene ever… it is so beautiful;

– I’m sorry for the inconvenience. The video has been blocked because of copyrights. I have looked for another one, but all are blocked. Oh well! There is always the “no fail” option of getting the movie, Pride and Prejudice (2005) Hope the music motivates you enough to rent/buy/stream/download the movie… yep! all of these for just one good romantic scene.

UPDATE– Ha!! I found one… watch it hurry, before they ban this one too :p


4 thoughts on “Top Post, Turning of Age

  1. I don’t think you ramble. I find every post of yours informative in some fashion, especially music related because you certainly know your way around the medium—a lot more than me which is why I enjoy reading your posts.

    As for the movie, the score is breathtaking, I agree that engulfing yourself in it really transports you to an amazing place. As for the scene, what can I say, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a sucker for a good romance 😀

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