Back to School, Back to Drawing!

I start school tomorrow, after two semesters (almost a year) of slacking off… no, not really. I was busy with changes in my life, but never mind that now. I’m taking a math class… ugh, and an art class, yay! I’m a little anxious, I have not done much drawing since my last drawing class and that was like a year ago. I don’t want to suck at drawing, specially, because I have been doing it since infancy and have taken some art classes here or there, and yet, I have not mastered my skills completely. Shame, shame! Of course, I’m also –always- too hard on myself. So, I wanted to shape up my skills a little, and see where I’m falling now.

I did my very first anime-looking character, of that, I’m proud, although he needs some fixing; the head is too small, but maybe his neck is to wide, and I think he is kind of stiff. I’m still proud of Kotaro… yep I named him after the brat from Sword of the Stranger. Hehe. And that eye! Ooh, I want to leave my comfort zone -as in drawing only pretty faces, and always very big- and do different things, like very expressive eyes… well, one eye really. Didn’t have space for two; too lazy to turn the page and use a new one. Blah!

I never really understood why manga artist, all complain about drawing guys hair. It’s not that complicated. I’m a sorry manga artist, I apologize. ITS FREAKING HARD!!!



4 thoughts on “Back to School, Back to Drawing!

  1. Yes, I think his head is a tad bit small, and his body is a little stiff. But it’s still really good, especially considering it’s a first attempt. I came nowhere near that on my first shot and I was doing fan art 🙂

    I understand about wanting to leave your comfort zone, it’s a good challenge. Good luck on honing you skills, can’t wait to see the work youstart cranking out.

    That eye is amazing by the way!

    • Thanks for your comment as always. Yeah I’m gonna draw everyday now, not because I want to (no shame) but because I have to. Its my homework to draw something every day, wow! Can’t wait to start.

      • I should probably start drawing too. Heh, I haven’t drawn in i think seven months. Good luck with your class, I hope you enjoy it

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