Artist’s Block?

That all artists suffer from some kind of weirdness, is known to all. Poe married his cousin, and was all-together a very disturbing fellow; his poems are mind-blowing. Van Gogh cut his ear and was always very dramatic; he was a brilliant artist. The only thing I suffer from is restless legs, and, well… writer’s block, HA!

Today my writer’s block took a ride on the wild side, instead of reading over and over again what I have written (I open my computer with the intention to write, and spend more than one hour reading instead of writing… that is what writer’s block does for me) I took a pencil and drew, I drew without the proper tools, and yet it was coming out perfect. So, I decided to do something crazy, and left work two hours earlier to come home and draw. The result was very disappointing.

I think the original is perfect even when is not finished. If you ask me about the hair, well I was trying to use a picture of an actor as reference for a new Spike. I wanted to do a Spike that looks more realistic, but I chose the wrong actor. The only thing I could incorporate that would be familiar to Spike fans is the hair, but as you can see, not enough paper. GRRRRRR!!!!

This is the second try, and I’m sort of embarrassed now to say that I was trying to do a Spike. He looks nothing like Spike. And, like I said, I prefer the original.

Looking for some answers about art I found a post which questioned whether we (creators) should be called artists or painters. I read many of the comments and most were just corny; “I’m an artist because I try to recreate the beauty that is around me…blah blah blah”. There was one comment which caught my attention. The commenter basically said that people will call you what they see, meaning that if they see you are skilled and talented, they will say you are skilled and talented. But, if they see art in what you do, then they will call you an artist. All of these got me thinking, where does the word “artist” comes from. Well, the word comes from the Latin Ars, and it means professional skill. Interesting. I say, today, I am an artist. Tomorrow, I don’t know.



5 thoughts on “Artist’s Block?

  1. Wow, that looks really good. I’ve always loved how you shade, and your eyes are phenomenal, very soulful. Very well done, I really like it. You should do Jet next 😀

      • Well, to be honest—first and foremost I’m impressed that you just created a person, that’s really where my head is at before anything. That being said, I can see some similarities, which is why I also like it. I like being positive, is that weird 🙂

        And Jet has always been my favorite character. Some people actually call me that from time to time, because apparently I act like him. I don’t know, maybe I do 😀

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