The Empress of Soul. My First Reporter Job!

Do you know who Eunice Kathleen Waymon was? Perhaps if I say she was referred to as High Priestess of Soul? Maybe if I add she was a jazz singer -although she hated to be labeled as one, since she believed for most white people jazz was a derogatory word. Okay, so I’m talking about Nina Simone, yes! a Diva among Divas.

If I were to write about Nina Simone, I would probably take about 7 to 10 pages and I don’t think it would be enough to tell who she was. In the other hand, I’m probably not the best person to write about her, since I’m lacking in many requirements. Thankfully, there are books and documentaries about her, which tell the truth of who she was – there is particularly a very interesting fact about Nina, which was never made public, until after her death. Because is something I think should have been kept private, I prefer not to say it myself. It is only a part of Nina and does not change how great she was. I appreciate that we had such a wonderful talent among us. For her music has served as inspiration for every other contemporary artist out there; it has been future in films, TV shows, commercials, video games… etc. And, of course, it has been inspiration for much of my craziness. I love all of her songs. If I had to pick one in particular, it would be “Wild is The Wind” but that is juts my over-dramatic self taking control.

In this post I won’t provide information on her, as I find that I could never say it better than Ann. Her post on Nina is simply wonderful, here is the link; NINA SIMONE.

As for me, I’m content with bringing you a few interviews I did here and there, although they did not all turned out good, I still want to share with you who is reading this blog.  I went on a quest to find out how many of my acquaintances know Nina Simone (my very first job as a reporter… at least I tried):

Interview-1, a Rookie and a Captain, and chess (Rookie is white, Captain is black):

Rookie- You know who Nina Simone is?
Captain- Who?
Rookie- Nina… she was a jazz singer, very famous…died. No? YOU DON’T KNOW WHO NINA SIMONE IS? (big sigh)
Captain- Why? Is that bad?
Rookie- No is not bad, is just that now I have nothing to write for my interview.
Captain- Oh! So this was an interview? What about? Your turn.
Rookie- I already told you, the jazz singer, very famous… wait a minute, did you just move that pawn there? Ohohoho, you are going down big time.
Captain- Really? You think so?
Rookie- Yep, because now I’m going to take your knight.
Captain- Is that so? How about this… (takes white queen with black bishop)
Rookie- Oh, NOOOOOO! Why didn’t I see that bishop.
Captain- Because you are too greedy and don’t think ahead. So what about the interview? You were saying?
Rookie- Oh! Yeah, well if you don’t know who Nina was then I can’t do an interview.
Captain- Nina? You mean the jazz singer? What about her?

Interview-2, a Quenepa and… a Quenepa (Quenepa is Mamoncillo, also Spanish Lime):

Quenepa 1- You know who Nina Simone is?
Quenepa 2- (stares into space)
Quenepa 1- Do you like jazz?
Quenepa 2- What?
Quenepa 1- Nina Simone!! Do you know who she is?
Quenepa 2- Why, what is this? Are you going to start writing a story with me? Don’t write a story with me quenepa…
Quenepa 1- I’m not writing a story, is an interview. So do you know Nina or not?
Quenepa 2- Yeah! Nina Simone, the writer…
Quenepa 1- She was a singer, a jazz singer and composer…
Quenepa 2- No I don’t know who she is.
Quenepa 1- (Sighs in defeat)
Quenepa 2- Shakira, you like Shakira?
Quenepa 1- (stares into space)

So these interviews were a complete disaster, I know. I should’ve not asked people I work with. Not that theirs is a lower level of intellectuality –not at all. But, obviously they do not listen to any jazz at home. I did a final interview; this time it was a friend. He listens to Nina, so here is what he had to say:

Interview-3, Disco Queen and Dude:

D.Q.- Okay, tell me what you think of Nina Simone.
Dude- Uh!…
D.Q.- No wait! Don’t tell me what you think of Nina Simone, tell me, when you started liking Nina Simone.
Dude- Okay, I started liking Nina Simone when I -fitslalalala- first saw, uh, Point Of No Return, that movie with Bridget Fonda, that she… you know… they played Nina Simone throughout the whole thing, she is a spy, and her name is Nina…
D.Q.- She is called Nina… yep.
Dude- So, that’s the first time I actually fell in love with Nina Simone.
D.Q.- Dude I remember that you introduced me to her because of that movie.
Dude- Yeah…
D.Q.- So is that all?
Dude- Uh…
D.Q.- So… say something more unique. Like, something like how she makes you feel and why.
Dude- You asked me when I first started liking her… this is my answer. Now, if you ask me something more interesting like how she makes me feel and why, then I will give you a more unique answer…
D.Q.- Dude, are you repeating everything I say?
Dude- No “DUDE” I’m not, just answering you.
D.Q.- O-kay I thought you liked the name Dude, if you don’t want that name then say so.
Dude (or not)- We are off camera right now, so why do I have to be called dude? Plus, you don’t even say that word, is not original, you stole it from Yaime.
D.Q.- I did not!
Dude (or not)- Yes you did.
D.Q.- Did not.
Dude (or not)- Did too…
D.Q.- Fine, what name would you like then?
Dude- Okay, you can call me dude if you want.

Somehow, this last interview doesn’t have the right feeling either. Oh well! In case you are wondering… no, I don’t plan on becoming a reporter!

Check out the music video I made with “To Love Somebody”  for funny clips. Thanks for reading! 🙂

Vodpod videos no longer available.


2 thoughts on “The Empress of Soul. My First Reporter Job!

  1. I actually got into Ms. Simone through hip hop samples that piqued my interest. I don’t think she was a musician, I’d be hardpressed to call her that, no, she was much more. I can’t think of a word to describe her but she was simply amazing, a true inspiration that’s for sure.

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