Hello My Waxy Blog

I’m back, although it won’t be as before since life keeps on getting complicated. I haven’t been able to write anything on this waxy blog of mine, I have been busy with stuff… well, the sims to be exact; getting them married, having children, building houses, and other things –outside of the unrealistic life. I took a trip, very short, but it was fun. I needed some time away from home and everything that surrounds it –living in a city can be quite overwhelming at times. I went to Orlando to ride the air-boat at night and look at the alligators in their wild habitat, although I didn’t see a lot of those, I did see an owl –very big one, I have never seen one, so, bear with my enthusiasm- lots of birds, and water buffaloes –not that those are much more interesting. And there is something particularly soothing about road trips, especially if you are on the passenger sit. Suddenly you find there is a lot to see on the road, even if is just a bunch of houses and cars. Of course that your mind will always go to that certain imaginary life in which you pictured yourself, but never quite get there… hum! I wonder.

I have a few things I will like to address. I will take my time and write about them during this week, and hopefully I will find time between my imaginary life (the sims) and, of course, my REAL life -work, school, family, friends, etc- to get comfortable again, and write.

Rostropovich playing Bach’s Prelude Cello Suite #1

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2 thoughts on “Hello My Waxy Blog

  1. Love Orlando been there a few times. Agree that living in a city can be quite an overwhelming experience. I’m used to it but it’s nice to take time out and be out in the peace of nature.

    • Hello Agatha. As always, thanks for your comment. I have been following your blog, it seems you are one step away from the dream. I wish you to best. Heck! I want to meet that boy of yours, I’m curious. 🙂

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