The Epic Battle Begins…Soon

I just read “The Truth about Publishing”, and boy am I motivated to do my best!

In this post, written by Ian Irvine, beginner writers (like me) might find the courage they have lost, to either keep on going with their novel or trash it for good. Yes! it’s exactly that cut and dry. Ian has sincerity in his words, and if that doesn’t get to you my friend, nothing else will.

While reading the first two paragraphs, one thought entered my brain; Man! I will never get published. Then, as I went on reading I gradually started thinking in a more positive way; I will get published, even if it takes me my whole life. I know I will get published. By the end of the first part of the article, I was completely rejuvenated; I will get published, and then see my second book in print. And then reprinted… -(Eh) I’m afraid I have put all of my positive energy in just five little sentences.

I seriously felt like I have won at least a quarter of the battle. Because, while I may not have a very important factor -like writing technique- I have a few other -important as well- that will most likely get me to a point in which I will feel fulfilled, that is; finishing my novel. With that said, now you can understand that having a complete, well written manuscript should be top priority for beginner writers. As Ian says, talent is not enough. However, you can always learn techniques, coming up with great ideas for fiction is what’s hardest, that is, in my opinion. Here is why I say I have won a quarter of the battle;

After my father did a revision on my previous draft (it was like a 20 something page chapter) basically, I felt I needed to get involve in my work more professionally. What Ian says about people thinking that writing is easy, is  true. I mean, let me tell you right now in case you didn’t know; writing is hard. No, seriously, writing is really hard… but wait, I don’t think you get my drift; writing is really, really, really hard. So, yeah, I had to retreat several steps, hold my breath, and start all over again with my fiction novel.

I went to the bookshop and bought The Complete Handbook Of Novel Writing. I read the first eight chapters and learned of how lost I was to think I was going to get published with what I had written so far. No wonder my dad -who is a nonfiction writer- thought it was, -pretty much-he didn’t say it with this word- but… well, he thought it was crap. Not that I couldn’t get him hooked in the story, which is basically one of those “important factors” but because my writing was no good, AT ALL. Well, that all has changed, drastically -so if you think my writing sucks now, just imagine before- and its all thanks to this handbook and, ready? this blog. Yep! When they say that writing just about anything helps you, they are not lying. If you read my very first post, and then read some of the last post, you’ll see what I mean. This post, has not only served me for practicing my writing, but to give me courage that I will do good in what I have set myself to achieve. It has given me a lot of determination, another one of those “important factors”. Then, I stumbled upon Ian’s article and boy, do I feel motivated! Didn’t I just said that?

So, for now, I will rejoice in the fact that I have won at least a quarter of the battle. I will say to myself  -out loud even if they think I’m crazy- that I will finish this book, that I will strive my hardest to acquire technique and the skills needed to be a true professional, because, like Ian says; “Anyone who can be discourage from writing should be.” Then, when I have finished my book, I will get me an agent; and then my friends, the epic battle begins.

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9 thoughts on “The Epic Battle Begins…Soon

  1. Oh yes, writing is HARD. I cannot believe how hard it is. It wasn’t that I was clueless to it being difficult but I cannot believe how hard it really is. Writing my first novel has been the hardest thing I have ever done. All other traumatic events pale in comparison. It’s a very hard journey, I think that’s another reason so many give up along the way. So keep going, that’s what I’m doing and I’m determined to get to the finishing line!

  2. That’s the spirit! It’s not IF you finish your book, it’s WHEN! Keep going and stay determined and driven. You have my utmost respect and I’ll always cheer you on. Can’t wait for the day I hit Barnes&Nobles and pick up a copy of your novel.

    “Spread your wings and fly. God be with you!” 😀

    • I’m sorry, I don’t use twitter. Thank you for the thought!
      I guess, because I don’t have time for so many things; facebook (farmville, I know, I know) blog, anime, manga, school, work, cats, boyfriend…. its crazy. 🙂

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