Turning of Age

Now that I will soon (as in one and half a year to go) turn thirty, I seem to have developed an obsessive idea that I will some day lose my memories. I often sit for periods of time and wonder what it would be like to have no memories. This person at work said; “Life is about the journey of the memories you make along the way.” Made me think about it, in a good way… although it sounds corny, I most admit.

I say, memories are the principal proof of our past existence. The essence of life composed by daily events that makes us who we are now. What would it really mean to have lived a life if you have no memories of events to base your facts on? What would it be to have a past, if you cannot remember who you were, or where you came from? What sort of life you lived and, whom you lived it with?

Is it negative to have these thoughts? But life is all about negative and positive events; and then, there is sadness and happiness, of which I think of as small doses in between those negative and positive events. What we choose to remember, those are either sad or happy doses in our daily events. It is what later become our memories. And it is those memories what really keeps us moving forward.

Just a thought, and a little bit of music to go with it; from the OST of Pride and Prejudice (2005), composed by Dario Marianelli and performed by pianist Jean-Yves Thibaudet, “Liz On Top Of The World”

PS; I really want to come back in two-three years and laugh at myself. The typical question for someone turning of age (leaving twenties behind): Do we change or grow? I think both.


7 thoughts on “Turning of Age

  1. You just wrote verbatim what I have always believed. Memories are a fascinating thing because without them, you aren’t even really you. I think that’s a saddening thing to see go, especially given the experiences that one has in a lifetime. My father always tells me about the wonderful memories that he has spending time with his dad, working together, partying, laughing and the kind of person that he was—fast forward to present and my grandfather can’t even remember his own name, let alone who my father is when he calls. I think memories are the foremost thing to cherish in life, they pull you from who you were to who you are and make you who you will be.

    And what a breathtaking song, it’s really beautiful. You just gave me another song I want to learn to play. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is precisely why I love photographs and videos because they preserve our past experiences and help keep our memories alive. I think it is extremely important to not only keep our memories inside our heads but also to provide ourselves with some sort of memory bank in the physical realm to act as a link to our brains whenever it has forgotten a special moment in time. Think about it, when you look at an old photo your mind automatically goes to that time and that place and replays the memory in your head almost like a link in an email.

    Great Post TITI

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