Top Post, OST for Cowboy Bebop

Okay so I started the whole “top post of the month thing” last month, and one of the reasons behind it was to get the opportunity to update the post; like if I go back and do another search, and find cool information and stuff. Of course, this is an unpredictable situation, since I don’t know which post would be liked most, and in that case, if I will be able to find more info on it. Like in the case of this month top post; “OST for Cowboy Bebop”. I knew this post was going to be liked by most of my readers -the commentators, and the silent ones as well… thank you all for reading, I truly appreciate it! 🙂  CBB is a very famous anime and hard to ignore. However, I do not have anything more to say about the OST, other than to repeat myself (something I’m a pro at) and say: IT-IS-AWESOME!

Sorry my Kenshin -my wave man- but you still have more posts in which you can shine… not sparkle, that word has taken a total different meaning since a certain Vampire.

Anyway, for more awesomeness and in thanks to those who took the time to read my post on the CBB OST, here is another great song; “Call Me, Call Me” from Steve Conte:


I close my eyes and I keep seeing things
Rainbow waterfalls
Sunny liquid dream

Confusion creeps inside me raining doubt
Got to get to you
But I don’t know how

Call me, call me
Let me know it’s alright
Call me, call me
Don’t you think it’s ’bout time
Please won’t you call and

*Ease my mind
Reasons for me to find you
Peace of mind
What can I do
to get me to you?

I had your number quite some time ago
Back when we were one
But I had to grow

Ten thousand years I’ve searched it seems and now
Gotta get to you
Won’t you tell me how?

Call me, call me
Let me know you are there
Call me, call me
I wanna know you still care
Come on now won’t you

* Repeat

Ease my mind
Reasons for me to find you
Peace of mind
Reasons for living my life
Ease my mind
Reasons for me to know you
What can I do
to get me to you?


5 thoughts on “Top Post, OST for Cowboy Bebop

  1. I love this song so much. It reminds of Peru. That’s the song that was playing when we touched down. With this playing, I can close my eyes and really get taken back to that blue morning sky. Thanks for putting it up!

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