OST for Cowboy Bebop

I finally worked up the courage to write about the CBB original soundtrack. It isn’t an easy task. Given my lack of writing skills, and because I treasure it so much I would have love to read something about it more than write it myself. On my frenzy, many times I have search for the anime, characters, music videos, etc. But never have I been really interested in looking for information about the soundtrack. Although some have talked about the music, and its widely known to be one the best original soundtrack for an anime, I have not read a post dedicated to the music of CBB alone… or, maybe I have not been paying attention. Either way, I have decided, today will be the day for my bebop muse. And I choose to write of its music, being –in my opinion- one main reason for its success.

The music of bebop was composed by Kanno Yoko, and The Seatbelts, which was a band specially formed just for this project by Kanno herself. They have created a soundtrack with such rich sounds -specifically focusing in Jazz- that it’s hard not to notice. Even more amazing, is the fact that their music has attracted none CBB fans as well.

The OST (for the series only) is a collection of 3 albums; Cowboy Bebop, released in May 21 of 98; Cowboy Bebop No Disc, October 21, same year; and Cowboy Bebop Blue, May 1, of 99. A mini album was also released in June 3, 1998 titled Cowboy Bebop Vitaminless. All the albums performed by The Seatbelts, and produced by Kanno under the label company Victor Entertainment.

Later, they got together again and released the OST for the CBB movie, titled Future Blues, and a mini disc, Ask DNA. Yet again, in December 22, 2004 they released Cowboy Bebop Tank! THE! BEST!. There is also Cowboy Bebop Remixes: Music for Freelance; Cowgirl Ed, another mini-CD; and Cowboy Bebop Box Set, which includes four disc; the first three discs are previously released tracks, and the fourth disc are tracks from the band’s tour. In addition, a booklet with trivia, interviews, track listings, and lyrics. The best! I know, sadly is out of production. I got my hands on one of this soon enough. (Phew)

I used the OST as reference for a school project about Jazz and how it has disappeared in modern times. I believe, it is one music genre that should not be ignored, for it has been ground for many of those “subgenres” youngsters listen to today like; Smooth jazz, acid jazz, and jazz rap, among others.

Now, I don’t know much about music, in a professional level I mean. All I know is how to listen to it and appreciated it… is that enough? I guess, at least for someone like me; a person without a real motif when it comes to music. Perhaps reason why my favorite song from the soundtrack is “Blue”, surely not the best song. I guess it has more of a meaning than anything else, since when I listen to it I remember Spike falling dead (or wounded) at the end of the series. Whatever the reason, is the one song I have chosen to share. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

The video I have to show with the music, is from the anime with images from the last episode. As much as dislike the whole Julia-Spike-Vicious trio, it is what defines Spike’s past and what the final episode is all about.

See you in space Cowboy!


7 thoughts on “OST for Cowboy Bebop

  1. I absolutely adore the Bebop soundtrack. I have almost every song. From Adieu to Rain, to Want It All Back, Real Folk Blues, Call Me and Words That We Couldn’t Say. And of course Fingers, Goodnight Julia, Rush and Space Lion. As a whole the score is masterful, it certainly hooked me. Every song still brings a bit of nostalgia from the scenes they played in. It made me look up even more of Ms. Kanno’s work, which are all just as genius as her work on CB. More so than a masterpiece in itself, the soundtrack also introduced me to many other artists I am now a huge fan of.

  2. I’m embarrassed to admit that I’d never heard of Cowboy Bebop until now. But wow, that video was awesome! Thanks for introducing me to this wonderful work of art. 😀

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