Its Not So Bad After All – Think About It

I had the worst morning yesterday (or so I thought). I woke up late for work and didn’t have any ironed shirts to wear, my boss was coming into the office  from his trip to Arizona, and I knew he was in a horrible mood because his Deposition didn’t go well. Then, when I was walking my dogs,  a little dog peed on me and I had to change. Then I went to start my scooter which is how I get to work  and it didn’t start, so I had to go back up to the 27th floor, wake up my boyfriend who has a late work schedule so he must sleep the morning to compensate, and asked him to bring me to work. Oh! and I had to take the bicycle so I could bike my way back home in the afternoon since my second half was at work till 10pm and I get out at 5pm. We of course, got into a huge fight over nothing during the way to work and got me in an even worse mood. As I got out of the car, and as I was coming in to the building – sweating and lets not forget in a  horrible mood, depressed, and thinking how miserable my life was, I stumbled upon a woman in “Au Bon Pain” (the cafeteria where I buy my coffee every morning in the lobby) who had her entire face burned and deformed – she must have been in her 20’s and she was so happy joking with everyone, and she was showing her wedding photo to one of the girls that works there – I had a chance to glance over it and saw the guy she just married – good-looking  in his 30’s – despite her condition she seemed very cheerful and was telling the girl that she was planning on having a baby soon but she first needed to reconstruct her stomach tissue through a surgery because her skin was so burned down there that it didn’t stretch.  I couldn’t stay listening to them talk, because they gave me my order and I had to run upstairs to hell, but let me tell you that I felt like the luckiest person in the world despite all my problems and my sadness – here was I thinking I had problems and was feeling all depressed and ugly because I am a few pounds overweight, and had a few issues in the morning and this girl with this horrible disfiguration was living life to the fullest.  I felt so blessed and so stupid at the same time and immediately I got in a great mood.   I promised myself not to be sad, or depressed for stupid things, because what I experienced this morning was a gift from heaven.  We have to be thankful for life and love ourselves no matter what, because if there are people less fortunate out here with missing limbs and disfigurations, and they can feel happy and move on, so can we!

There is nothing more beautiful than a day after another. Time heals everything! Remember that.


4 thoughts on “Its Not So Bad After All – Think About It

  1. Happy Birthday.

    I love seeing people really make the best of their life, regardless of problems, I have the utmost respect for them.

    I agree, time does heal everything. There is nothing in life more beautiful than being able to live it.

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