Obsession or Addiction?

Are obsessions everlasting? It isn’t what I thought.

Boy! I have started an argument about whether you can be obsessed your whole live or not. We asked ourselves questions like: is obsession needing something or wanting something? Further more, is it right to say you are obsess with an object? Wouldn’t that be call addiction? It took going home, asking my aunt, and googleling the question: difference between obsession and addiction, to get a satisfactory answer.

Apparently, -based on yahoo answers- the difference has to do with psychology. If you are addicted to something, it means your brain has physically responded to said “something”. Clearly, it means, you have taught your brain to need and crave that certain something. While obsession means you tell yourself that you need that certain something. In other words, being addicted is more of a physical need and obsession more of a psychological need. So, it is right to be obsess with and object or something… like anime… like Kenshin.

I cannot really say Rurouni Kenshin is my number one favorite anime, because if you have been following this Blog since the beginning (is there really you, my follower?) then you know my favorite anime from all times is Cowboy Bebop. However, Rurouni Kenshin holds a very special place in my heart, and more than all of the things combine in this world, it has taught me a lot. I would have never expected to learn this much from a cartoon, but looking back now, I did learned quite a lot from it… Wow! I repeat myself too much, I know. I have mentioned more than once, how I do not expect to learn from certain things, but if it is the truth… then it is.

Like most obsessions, I thought that mine for anime had subsided since I have not been watching many of those. A year ago, I diverted from that path and crossed the ocean over to Korea. Korean dramas had caught my eye because of a manga –later turned into a drama- Goong.  It was an interesting time, the time spent watching Jang Hyuk and So Ji-sub –both great actors- but, as it turns out, anime has a stronger pull.

So, I’m back in the anime world, completely. Yes! What’s new? Well, to start, I have been reading some mangas. I used to indulge in shojo (manga for girls) but this time around, I wanted something more, and so, I decided to read shonen (manga for boys). I don’t know much about shonen, the only thing I do know is Rurouni Kenshin is shonen, and it kicks ass.

Let me just add, I will start posting about Kenshin and all its particularities for a while now. Even when I know the full story by heart, since I have watched the anime about three times –and if you my friend, have watched Kenshin before, then you know what it means to watch it three times. Rurouni Kenshin is a long story, but beautifully told. The writer and artist behind it is Nobuhiro Watsuki, and he is, undoubtedly, a great storyteller.

Are obsessions everlasting? Yeah… I guess they are.

Well, this is the end of this post. But surely the beginning of my Kenshin obsession.

Dewa kore de! 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Obsession or Addiction?

  1. I love Kenshin. Hell, I love so many animes. And games too. Those are my five obsessions: Anime, Games, Art, Music and Sports

    I named my dog Sano and nobody got it but me and my brother. I wonder how my kid would feel if I named him/her after an anime character though: Spike, Faye, Light, Lightning, Kenshin, Ichigo, Lelouch, Guts, or something—they’d probably hate me if I chose any weirder ones. I suppose there’s much worse though—hell, my friend is hellbent on naming his first son Solid Snake, much to most… everyone’s chagrin.

  2. Everyone’s chagrin alright!!! Although I have been forbidden from using any names that aren’t western, and that aren’t older than me since there seems to be a need to name your kid after seasons and cities here in the west. I would have never named my kid Solid Snake, It’s clearly a made up name; Light sounds too corny; Faye is more neutral, and so it is Kenshin, or Haji, or Nao, or Haku… these are all Japanese names. They might seem weird here America but not over there… Solid Snake! Wow, I wonder if there is divine punishment for that sort of thing.

    • I think some time in the future 3-year old Solid Snake is going to keep him up all night, either that or kick him in the nuts, whichever is more divine.

      For a long time I’ve wanted to name my daughter Faye, that’s such a pretty name. Or maybe Saya. Though that’s getting waaay ahead of myself.

    • And again, another reason why we are Capricorns!! haha… should I say, hem, hem: “Spoken like a true Capricorn there, Roxanne.”

      lol This also answers the above comment of my friend jasmandii who said “the post is very Laura” after a year of reading it again, and you leaving a comment… I get why he said that.
      Thanks for the comment 😀

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