The Brave One

Writing about the song “Answer” has giving me the inspiration to watch again, and write about The Brave One.

It’s another revenge movie, but it’s also another very good revenge movie. It deals with human principles and morals… and it actually deals with them. I mean, it doesn’t have many of the familiar clichés we are so tired of seeing in a revenge thriller. Its cut and dry. It has complexity, something humans can relate to; resolve, a character with determination, whether the decisions they have made are good or bad; and exposure, the truth shall be revealed. These three things I look forward in a revenge thriller.

The main character, Erica Bain, is played by Judie Foster; what an awesome performance. Judie Foster is not one of my favorites, but I think she is an incredible actress and has done her share of interesting movies. Terrence Howard plays the secondary character, another awesome performance. I know what you might be thinking; All is good because I like the movie. But is actually the other way around. I was very surprised by it. The Brave One, for a change, can be quite enlightening. Is like one of those people who sit in the corner of a room, and don’t say anything while the others fuss and argue. Even though they are quite, you know they have something to say.

I was also surprised to find that Neil Jordan, the director of this movie is also the director for Interview With The Vampire; a movie, which –despite how much I dislike the portrayal of Lestat- is the only movie i have, and partially like, of my most beloved vampire chronicles; the Ann Rice vampire chronicles.

As I have said in other movie post; if you wish to stay impartial when watching this movie, your reading ends here!

Erica Bain (Judie Foster) hosts a radio show, and is about to get married. All seems to be going well for her, except that her fiancee is brutally killed in Central Park, New York, when going for a walk with her and their dog. She is also beaten, but manages to survive. She gets no immediate results from the police after trying to properly seek justice; she is afraid, and desperate. Erica makes a decision and is determined to take revenge on those who wronged her and her fiancee. She buys a gun, illegally, and first uses it on a drunkard who after killing his lover tries to kill her as she is a witness to his crime. She is shocked by her lack of hesitation to kill, but never waivers. There is something she must do, and there is no turning back now. Her next victims are two thugs in subway train. She gets away with murder once again, becoming the city’s vigilante.

The detective following the case of the infamous vigilante is Mercer (Terrence Howard) Erica and Mercer develop a friendship throughout the story; he is divorced and bitter –not knowing which came first- and finds in her someone to talk to about his sorrows. In the other hand – at first- all she wants from him is detail about his work and what he is currently investigating. Later, she starts trusting in him, although not completely. Not enough to clearly tell him about her dark secret. But the good detective has a hunch, and follows it, leading him to the final stop of the vigilante. Where Erica has already killed two of the thugs she has been looking for, and is struggling against the third. Mercer makes her surrender her gun, but then gives her his. He tells her that if she is going to use a gun, she has to make sure is legal. After she kills the last thug, our brave detective goes even further in his attempt to protect her, and asks her to shoot him in the shoulder as he will make up a story and say the vigilantes were in fact a bunch of thugs on a killing spree. Erica doesn’t want to hurt him, but follows his orders. She then, leaves the scene, a vigilante no more. The dog, that was taken by the thugs from the beginning, following her.

I love this movie. Did I said that before? I don’t know if is a combination of the song and the movie, or the story and Death Note, or just the movie alone. I mention Death Note, because the first time I watched this movie I thought what a rip-off, they had taken the whole Death Note idea and made a Hollywood attempt out of it. But, I have to say I was wrong, and feel that while the Death Note vibe is still very strong, the movie stands on its own. It clearly has a different view, one that I have no objections to.

For those of you that don’t know what Death Note is… boy should I even begin to describe it? NO. Simple, its an anime.


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