Till 6 In The Morning (via Sine Cera)

I want to try something cool and fun each month. And that is re-posting the best post of the month. The one with the most popularity. Although this month “Enrique is My Name” was the one to get the most hits, 20 -come on, my blog is not that famous- it was posted early in the month and “Till 6 In The Morning” was posted later in the month and still manage to get extremely close with 18 hits. What is it about this post? I have no idea and don’t intent to get all psychologically here about a mere post. I know I like the song, and apparently many of my readers do too. That is… two readers. Like I said before, my blog is just another WordPress blog, and I’m happy with that, thank you very much.

Some facts about this song:
“I’m Through With Love”; the lyrics were written by Gus Kahn, and the music by Matt Malneck and Fud Livingston. Marilyn Monroe sang it in Some Like It Hot (where I first heard it) and it was future in Woody Allen’s movie, Everybody Says I Love You.
I have only been able to go as far back as 1931 when it was sang by Bing Crosby. I’m not sure if he was the first to sing it, but, apparently it is so. Actually he sang it differently because there was a beginning verse that is not in the present version anymore. It goes something like this:

I have given you my true love,
but you love a new love.
What am I supposed to do now,
with you now, you are trough.
You’ll be on your merry way,
and there’s only this to say…

This is where the lyrics that we know actually start. And here I have them, the lyrics how Diana Krall sings the song;

I’m through with love
I’ll never fall again
Said adieu to love
Don’t ever call again
For I must have you or no one
That’s why I’m through with love

I’ve locked my heart
I keep my feelings there
I have stocked my heart
Like an icy Frigidaire
For I need to care for no one
That’s why I’m through with love

Why did you lead me
To think that you cared
You didn’t need me
For you have your share
Of slaves around you
To hound you and swear
Their deep devotion
Emotion deep

Goodbye to Spring
And all it meant to me
It could never bring
The things that used to be
For I must have you or no one
That’s why I’m through with love

With this in mind, please enjoy the post “Till 6 In The Morning” and don’t forget to leave your comments if it tickles your fancy, without the wax. 😉 Thank you for reading.

I don’t think so… its only 1:30 am and already somebody is sick. Was it the wine? Was it the suhi? Who knows, all I know is I’m okay and still going. This night will forever be remembered. Cards, wine, and three women, what more can you ask for? Specially if those two other women are your mother and your favorite aunt. What are they going to say about you if not good things? Can I be spoiled for one day? Thank you. Nevertheless, I still think s … Read More

via Sine Cera


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