Im The Guy!

Just came from watching Knight and Day and as much as they hate it, I absolutely loved it. Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz have good chemistry, why didn’t they do this sooner? The movie is action packed; has comedy, romance and its juts fun… the movie is fun, fun, fun. Entertains to the fullest and that is what it should be doing as an action film, entertain.

People should just stop hating… so he jumped on a couch on TV, so what? That was years ago, and the Scientology thing is just part of his personal life, it really has nothing to do with the movie. The guy is good at action and this one will not let you down. But then again, maybe I’m not the right person to say this. I mean; if I had to choose one favorite movie it would be The Last Samurai; I fell in love with Jerry, and dream of him ever since; and lets face it, he was a better Lestat than Twonsend.


5 thoughts on “Im The Guy!

  1. commercials looks pretty funny but it really didnt grab my attention go watch a real movie. watch toy story 3. lol

  2. I wanna see that movie. It looks really good. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to hit the theaters—gotta see if I can find the bootleg. Love taking a walk on the wild side hahaha.

  3. Yes much better Lestat indeed. I heard the movie sucked but then again I dont trust anyone when it comes to movies – I will give it a chance – the fact is I have liked almost every movie he has done so I’m up for it!

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