For The Love and The Music

So if there’s one thing i love to do, is go into an FYE. These suckers always have really good music playing over the speakers.

My personal favortie FYE would be the one in Dolphin mall; for some strange reason they always have a dance mix playing, and the one at Sawgrass mall has good music, but no great. The other day my brother and i were shopping at Dolphin for a fathers day (ended up empty handed  lol) but there was this damn song playing that we asked what soundtrack was playing and, here like its the just dance vol 3. So yesterday i found it and now it wont stop playing on my pc as i have no mp3 for the time.


3 thoughts on “For The Love and The Music

  1. ive done my good deed for today. i have passed dance to you. ^_^. i love dance msic its so much fun i dont think anyone can go wrong with it when nothing else motivates you.

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