Till 6 In The Morning

I don’t think so… its only 1:30 am and already somebody is sick. Was it the wine? Was it the suhi? Who knows, all I know is I’m okay and still going.

This night will forever be remembered. Cards, wine, and three women, what more can you ask for? Specially if those two other women are your mother and your favorite aunt. What are they going to say about you if not good things? Can I be spoiled for one day? Thank you. Nevertheless, I still think something is missing in my live, and that is my father. I miss him the most; I think I could never be complete unless I have him near, and that will be almost impossible for reasons I can not really discuss. My father is my hero, and I hope this does not sound corny, but its the truth. I even smell like him… I mean, literally, I smell like my father.

I’m Through With Love is a beautiful song. It has marked this night forever, and now I feel like I must share it with the world… not that the world will ever read this post, or this blog for that matter… Oh man, I think I have had one too many.

“I’m Through With Love” by Diana Krall:

Diana Krall is deceiving. At least I thought so, since the first time I heard this song by her I thought I was listening to a black woman and it turns out she is not. I mean, nothing racist here, but singers from African decent have incredible voice; Ella Fitzgerald, Mikael Jackson, Whitney Huston (in her good years) Tina Turner, Nat King Cole, Nina Simone… Diana Krall’s voice is amazing, and I can put her there together with all these great signers I have mentioned. Her voice  makes me want to eat chocolate.


7 thoughts on “Till 6 In The Morning

  1. I seem to be thinking and saying this every time I come here, what a great song! I’ve heard Ms. Krall a few times before, but I’ve never heard this song—I was missing out. Thanks for sharing, again you have great taste.

    It sounds like you had quite the evening, too. I know how you feel about your father, I share the same sentiments about my own.

    • I have that song on my mp3 list and didn’t even know it was the same person. I like her voice a lot, but this song is best by Nina, have you heard Nina sing The Look Of Love? She is trully amazing.

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