Before I Die

Today has been a very eventful day for me. I was late for work -although most would say that’s not a surprise; I got into a heated debate with a co-worker -another thing not surprising, yet it surprised me with whom I was arguing though. Lets just say, it was impossible to come to an understanding. “We agree to disagree” what is that? Is that supposed to make me shut up and not give my opinion? I understand everybody sees things differently, which is exactly the beauty of it. Lets have discussions about what we don’t agree on for God sake. I love it! But never mind that, I will address the issue in question at a later moment. To make matters worse I got a flat tire.

Seriously, I must be like the queen of flat tires. I have gotten three flat tires in two years. My boyfriend is staring to blame me; I mean, one is fine,  everybody gets one, but three? and in two years? I need to take my car to the witchdoctor. Or as I have been told, drive better. Does that really has anything to do with getting a nail on your tire? How do you know where not to drive by? Is a nail that visible anyway?

After all these disastrous events, I have found a jewel; Johann Sebastian’s Lute Suite no.4: Prelude, performed by Kim Heindel on lautenwerk. Too bad I cannot share it. I could not find it on YouTube and I don’t have it on my files either, so I have to content myself with sharing what I could find, which is pretty close to it. In fact is the original arrangement by Bach.  Let me explain better; Bach’s Partita no.3 in E major, was later arranged -by the composer- for lute. Lute-harpsichord is a keyboard instrument, one of Bach’s favorite. Now that that is clear, here I have the link for Partita no.3 in E major (Prelude), which is what I would like to listen to before I die… not that me getting a flat tire has anything to do with the thought.

Partita no.3 in E major (Prelude) by Hilary Hahn. Her violin is fierce:

For more info on the lautenwerk (lute-harpsichord) visit;

UPDATE- The number one reason why I shared Hilary’s video was because I could not find the one by Itzhak (the one I actually listen to). Not that Hilary is not good, like I said, her violin is awesome, but Itzhak is -if not the only best- one of the best violinist in the world. I find that his way of playing the violin is both, painful and comforting to listen, because it fills you with so much passion and sadness, the way it should make you feel. I love listening to his violin, and now I was able to find a video with him playing not only Partita no.3 in E major (Prelude) but all the Sonatas and Partitas from the BWV 1006 set. This video is the first part, so I’m thinking the second part finishes the whole set of Sonatas and Partitas of course.

Itzhak really is incredible, I have no words for him, for he is everything that I can think of that is magnificent. Here is Itzhak Perlman BWV 1006;

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6 thoughts on “Before I Die

  1. Wow, what a beautiful piece. I love the pace of it, it’s very exhilirating. And I agree, her violin is incredible. Thanks for sharing, you have excellent taste.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I had a similar experience with a rough day at work and driving home I was fortunate enough to hear Johann Sebastian’s Lute Suite no.4: Prelude, performed by Kim Heindel on lautenwerk on the radio.

    Complete calmness.

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